CSFI Fellowship in Pensions



Jane Fuller is the co-director and pensions fellow of the CSFI,  and author of The Death of Retirement (July 2015). She is also director of Fuller Analysis, a consultancy that she founded after leaving the Financial Times in 2005. She is a member of the Audit and Assurance Council of the FRC, the UK regulator, and a fellow of CFA Society of the UK. Her advisory work focuses on savings and investment, accounting and corporate governance. She spent 19 years at the FT, where her roles included Lex writer, UK companies editor and financial editor, and continues to train FT journalists. 

The pensions fellowship, launched in 2013, has received financial support from Pension Insurance Corporation, provider of bespoke risk management solutions to the trustees and sponsors of defined benefit funds. 





The Death of Retirement:
a CSFI report on innovations in work-based pensions


This report focuses on work-based pensions in the private sector - and, within that, on the new "auto-enrolment" regime for mass retirement saving. Click the report cover to download a PDF copy. 



The main themes that were explored through the round-tables, dinner discussions and final report included:

  • Longevity: What will trigger changes? The problems posed by simple extrapolation.

  • Affordability: DB schemes are increasingly unaffordable for corporate sponsors – who are being forced to prioritise pensions over investment. As for the rest, can pensions savings make sense for those on low incomes?

  • Regulation: Is it adding too much cost? What would ‘good’ regulation look like?

  • Annuities: Are they fit for purpose? Are there other ways of ensuring post-retirement income?

  • Innovation in DB schemes: Average salary schemes lower guaranteed income schemes.

  • Innovation in DC schemes: Auto-enrolment, NEST.

  • International comparisons: Who has got it right?

  • Polarisation issues: Inter-generational conflict; DB/DC inequities; public/private disparities.

  • Transparency and education: How to improve awareness.


September 28, 2015

Death of Retirement

  • Prof Les Mayhew (Cass Business School)

  • John Lawson (Aviva)

  • John Ralfe (John Ralfe Consulting)

  • Gemma Tetlow (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

  • Daniela Silcock (Pensions Policy Institute)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI/PIC Pensions Fellow)

October 21, 2014

"De-risking" of DB pension funds

  • John Llewellyn (Llewellyn Consulting)

  • Inder Dhingra (Law Debenture)

  • Jonathan Smith (Schroders)

  • Jay Shah (PIC)

  • Jane Fuller (Pensions Fellow)

July 15, 2014

CDC Pensions

  • John Ralfe (John Ralfe Consulting)

  • Kevin Westbroom (Aon Hewitt)

  • Louise Inward (PIC)

  • Mark Rowlinson (First Actuarial)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)

June 18, 2014

Pensions Advice

  • Jamie Jenkins (Standard Life)

  • Robert Gardner (Redington)

  • Mick McAteer (Financial Inclusion Centre)

  • Michelle Cracknell (Pensions Advisory Service)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)

April 1, 2014

Dinner Discussion

  • Lord Hutton of Furness

March 24, 2014


  • Tim Jones (NEST)

  • Morten Nilsson (NOW Pensions)

  • Darren Philp (B&CE / The People's Pension)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)

March 11, 2014

Infrastructure Investment and Pension Funds

  • Sir John Armitt (Olympic Delivery Authority)

  • Geoffrey Spence (Infrastructure UK)

  • John Llewellyn (Llewellyn Consulting)

  • Tracy Blackwell (PIC)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)

February 18, 2014

Costs and Charges

  • Debbie Harrison (The Pensions Institute)

  • Pauline Skypala (FT)

  • Peter Morris 

  • Jonathan Lipkin (IMA)

  • Adrian Boulding (Legal & General)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)

December 18, 2013

Defined Ambition Pensions

  • Mike Le Brun (Department for Work & Pensions)

  • Ros Altmann

  • Michael Johnson (Centre for Policy Studies)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)

November 26, 2013

The Impact of Demographics

  • Khurram Kahn (PIC)

  • Les Mayhew (CASS)

  • Paul Wright (CSFI Global Insurance Fellow)

  • Jane Fuller (CSFI Pensions Fellow)