Brussels for Breakfast (153)

Held on Wednesday, July 3


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Simona Amati (Kreab)



We should know the final balance of the political families in the EP by the time we meet – though manoeuvres are still underway. EU jobs - we should also know the Commission President nominee from the Council but the EP must approve it by an absolute majority once it has formally assembled on July 2. Then come the rest of the names of Commissioners, the Council President, the Foreign Policy High Representative, the Parliament President and finally the ECB President.

There will be plenty else to keep us busy such as the new rules on business insolvency, and transforming the payments landscape.

But, again, there’s also regular stuff – like the FSB’s demand that German banks boost their capital, the Commission’s climate fund, and the possibility of sanctions against Italy. Plus old chestnuts like the internationalisation of the euro, the future of CMU, the impact of MiFID 2, the decline of correspondent banking – and so on.

Our regular guide is Graham Bishop, of, who will highlight what he sees as the key developments. But he won’t get things his own way (I hope). Keeping him on the straight and narrow this month will be Simona Amati, a director and senior manager at Kreab, where she has been for eight years, as head of economic research, investment, and international policy. Before this she was at the Central Bank of Luxembourg and the European Central Bank, where she was an economist and then deputy co-ordinator of European affairs.

And, of course, all of you who have thoughts to share… Whether or not you want to share these thoughts, you (and/or a colleague) are welcome to come along and enjoy our tea, coffee and buns. Just let us know in advance by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056.

Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton