The Young Economists dining group connects
rising talent with today's policymakers and influencers.


The CSFI has put together a group for the next generation of City thinkers - young economists and analysts (broadly defined) who wish to contribute to future industry and policy developments but do not yet have the access to policymakers and influencers enjoyed by their more senior colleagues. The group's discussions take place through a series of regular dinner meetings. Past guests of honour have included:

  • Sir Howard Davies
  • David Davis MP
  • Dame Minouche Shafik
  • Mike Lynch
  • Lord Griffiths
  • Lord Lawson
  • Lynn Forester
  • Douglas Flint
  • Nigel Farage
  • Luke Johnson
  • Jonathan Portes
  • Rachel Lomax
  • Sir Richard Lambert
  • Professor John Kay
  • Evan Davis
  • Willem Buiter
  • Chris Huhne
  • Michael Fallon MP
  • Sir Paul Tucker
  • Sir Win Bischoff
  • Martin Wolf