May 30


CSFI Young Economists' Dinner

  • Diane Coyle (University of Manchester)

  • With support from Ruffer LLP

May 31


A Local Authority Credit Bubble?

  • John Plender (Financial Times)

  • Andrew Burns (CIPFA)

  • Christophe Parisot (Fitch Ratings) 

June 6


Can employees have confidence in the current whistleblowing regime?

  • Carol Sergeant (PCAW)

  • Alexandra Carn (Edwin Coe)

  • Rebecca Aston (CISI)

  • Neil Chandler (Endinel)

June 6

A dinner discussion with Moya Greene

  • With support from Deloitte

June 7


FinTech for Breakfast (20)

  • Izabella Kaminska (FT Alphaville

  • Octavio Marenzi (Opimas)

  • With support from Dentons