March 21


New business models in insurance

  • Dylan Bourguignon (So-Sure)

  • Lindsay Nieman (XL Catlin)

  • Andrew Rear (Munich Re) 

  • Chris Sandilands (Oxbow Partners)

March 23


The Trump Administration and financial regulation

  • Douglas Elliott (Oliver Wyman)

  • Tom Huertas (EY)

  • Simon Gleeson (Clifford Chance)

March 27

CSFI Young Economists' Dinner

  • Lord Blackwell (Lloyds Banking Group)

March 29


The PLSA's DB task force second report: Time to consolidate?

  • Ashok Gupta (PLSA)

  • David Fairs (KPMG)

  • Alan Pickering (BESTrustees)

  • Tim Sharp (TUC)

April 11


Brussels for Breakfast (129)

  • Graham Bishop (independent consultant,

  • Mark Foster (Kreab)

  • Patrik Karlsson (ICMA)