Brussels for Breakfast

Held on September 13 2016

Hosted by Grant Thornton


  • Graham Bishop (independent consultant,

  • Peter Snowdon (partner, Norton Rose Fulbright)



Just because 52% of us voted to quit the EU doesn’t mean that we are (or, even, will be in the foreseeable future) free of the dead hand of European financial regulation. To the contrary: the Brussels mill grinds on, and all the many initiatives (good and bad) that looked likely to set the tone for the City’s future continue to advance.

So, our B4B meetings remain just as relevant as before – which is a good thing since the City’s most enthusiastic pro-European “Remainer”, Graham Bishop, still has to eat. Indeed, since he is the most assiduous snapper-up of Brussels’s trifles in London, he is doubly valuable, and we are delighted that he has agreed to continue explaining the minutiae of EU regulation to our little group (I should also add that, despite his fervent belief that the British proletariat made an awful mistake in June, he has agreed to advise Daniel Hodson’s new City group, the Financial Services Negotiating Forum, which will be formally launched in October).

Backing him up this month is Peter Snowdon, a partner in the financial services group at Norton Rose Fulbright. He previously worked in the General Counsel’s Division of the FSA advising on EU regulatory law, cross border issues and money laundering. Peter sits on the Association of Foreign Banks legal and regulatory committee, and has written chapters on money laundering for Financial Services Law, on conflicts for the Practitioner’s Guide to the Regulation of Investment Banking and is consultant editor on the Practitioner’s Guide to Individual Conduct and Accountability in Financial Services Firms.

As usual, this is a caring-and-sharing event. Many of you know (almost) as much about the Euro-behemoth as our speakers, and your contribution is/will be most welcome. Also as usual, and thanks to the generosity of Grant Thornton, there will tea, coffee and buns to jolly things along.