Brussels for Breakfast

Held on Tuesday, October 20

With support from the British Bankers’ Association


  • Graham Bishop (



So, finally, Lord Hill has unveiled his strategy to strengthen capital markets and to reduce Europe’s dependence on bank funding. I guess that will probably take pride of place for this month’s tour d’horizon of what is going on in Brussels. 

But there is more (there always is)…There is, for instance:

  • ESMA’s list of 28 final rules to flesh out MiFID II – which include curbs on commodity speculation and on ultra-fast trading;
  • Martin Schulz’s demand for the Parliament to have a role in asserting implementation of the third Greek bailout package;
  • Parliamentary pressure to adopt the Tax Rulings Directive, as part of the campaign against wicked multinationals;
  • Commissioner Dombrovskis’s initiative to set up an expert group on the second stage of eurozone reform (including a new stabilization mechanism);
  •  and so on…

As always, our assiduous guide dog is the indefatigable Graham Bishop, purveyor of euro-nuggets to the gentry.