Young Economists - Dame Nemat Shafik

Held on Wednesday, October 14

With support from Ruffer


  • Dame Nemat Shafik (Bank of England)


We haven't had a Young Economists' dinner for a while - not since Mike Lynch made clear his (rather robust) views on innovation, education and white-collar automation. But it's a new school year, and I am delighted that - thanks to the generosity of our hosts at Ruffer&Co - we are back on track.

Our guest this month has a special resonance for me - partly because my first job was at the World Bank, where (much later) she established a formidable reputation as Vice-President in charge of private sector and infrastructure development. While that was the high spot of my career, Nemat Shafik - known universally as Minouche - has gone on to (even) bigger and better things, first as Permanent Secretary at DfID and then as Deputy MD at the IMF from 2011 to 2014. She is currently a Deputy Governor at the Bank of England, whose portfolio extends from reshaping the Bank's operations and balance sheet, to leading its work on building 'fair, efficient and effective' financial markets. She is also jointly responsible for the Bank's international surveillance and analysis, representing it as a G7 Deputy and at the BIS, IMF etc.

I could go on, but you get the idea... Minouche has a DPhil from St. Antony's, Oxford, has taught at Georgetown and Penn, and is a genuinely big fish. I am delighted that she has agreed to come and talk to our little group - on central banking, on the G7/G20, on the global financial infrastructure, on the current problems of the emerging markets, on whatever takes her fancy (but all under the Chatham House Rule). I can think of no one at a policy-making level in the UK with her breadth of international experience.