Machine Learning and FinTech

Held on Monday, October 12

Supported by Allen & Overy


  • Luis Sanchez (Ttwick)

  • João Abiul Menano (CrowdProcess)

  • Bruce Pon (ascribe)

  • Nicolas Witt (Starmind)


Harry Atkinson, programme manager at the CSFI, talks to Luis Sanchez (Ttwick) and João Abiul Menano (CrowdProcess) about the application of machine learning in technology-driven financial services.

Harry Atkinson, programme manager at the CSFI, talks to Bruce Pon (CEO and founder of ascribe) about intellectual property in the digital age.


Machine learning is (or soon will be) integral to data-driven financial services. At present, our ability to gather and store huge amounts of data exceeds our ability to do useful things with that data. But machine learning – “computer systems that can learn from algorithms as opposed to simply being programmed to do certain tasks”, to quote the Government Office for Science – promises to narrow that gap. Trading, investment management, credit-scoring, securitisation and fraud-detection are just some of the areas set for disruption.

But what do we know?

I am delighted that Luis Sanchez, a New York based entrepreneur and leading data scientist, has agreed to walk us through the potential applications (and limitations) of machine learning for financial services. Luis has over 20 years’ experience in capital markets, insurance, consulting and engineering, having held senior executive positions and quantitative analyst roles for Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, AIG and several hedge funds. He is the founder and CEO of Ttwick, a search engine for social media, and advises Lisbon based CrowdProcess.

I am also delighted that two other knowledgeable speakers have agreed to join the panel:

  •  João Abiul Menano is the CFO and founding partner of CrowdProcess, which helps financial services companies (among others) to take advantage of advanced scientific computing capabilities, including machine learning.
  • Bruce Pon is the CEO and founder of ascribe, a Berlin based enterprise that uses blockchain technology to register digital assets. He is also the founder of Avantalion, a consulting firm which has built financial services companies for clients such as Daimler, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Mitsubishi.
  • Nicolas Witt is a business development executive and spokesperson­ at Starmind, a Swiss enterprise that uses innovative self-learning technologies to network and map internal corporate know-how.  Clients include Bayer, Ogilvy & Mather, Swisscom and UBS.

We have put together this round-table at short notice, after hearing last week that Luis was in town. Please let us know asap if you are interested in joining us for what I am sure will be a fascinating discussion. This is a chance to find out what machine learning really means (and I am sure there are plenty of us who don’t know, even if we don’t want to admit it) – and to get a sense of the main innovators and innovations that are working to transform financial services using this technology.