Meeting of the CSFI’s Advisory Council, with John Plender.

Held on Monday, October 12


As you know, we take our Advisory Council meetings very seriously - not least, because we are enormously grateful to John Plender for continuing to chair them. Just by himself, he is a great reason to come along, since there are few people in or around the City with his depth of insight into what's going on and what really matters.

But the Council meetings are more. They are also an opportunity for those institutions and individuals who support the CSFI to tell us what we should (and should not) be doing. Should we be doing more (for instance) on the implications of Brexit?  Do we spend too much time on regulation in general? Have we got it right on pensions? On corporate governance? What about our new 'FinTech for Breakfast' series?  Are we missing a trick on financial advice - and more generally on retail finance?  And so on...

There is obviously a lot to discuss, and many areas where we could do more. For instance, we now have a (gratis) Brussels Fellow, Kirsten Vardy; how can we best use her? Can we do more with the (currently more-or-less dormant) New York CSFI? And I would certainly like to drum up some support for a mini-programme on 'smart' regulation. (We cannot possibly support less or lighter regulation; but it seems to me pretty clear that just piling more and more old-style regulation on the banks, and then fining the beejezus out of them, is not a very sensible approach given that we want banks to be the engines of growth for the broader economy.)

And, of course, I am sure you have your own agenda. If you would like to share it - or if you just want to tell us where we are getting it wrong - please come along and (as the Young Folk say) share