Brussels for Breakfast

Held on Tuesday, November 8

With support from Grant Thornton


  • Graham Bishop (independent consultant,

  • Nicolas Veron (Bruegel / Peterson Institute)



There’s no getting away from ‘Brexit’.  Even though I continue to make the point that the UK is still a fully paid-up member of the EU, with all the same rights and obligations as we had pre-referendum, and that there is still a truckload of European regulation coming down the pike that will affect the City, we keep getting sandbagged by ‘Brexit’.

That was very clear from last month’s B4B meeting – when FTI’s Hans Hack gave us an extremely interesting analysis of how battle lines are being drawn in Brussels.  And I am sure it will come up again this month – not least because our guest commentator will be an old friend, Nicolas Veron, who splits his time between Bruegel in Brussels (where he is a senior fellow, specialising in capital markets and financial services) and the Peterson Institute in Washington (where he is a visiting fellow).  As most of you will know, Nicolas is one of the most influential voices in the European / Atlantic debate, who has written widely in the FT, the WSJ, and in Continental European journals.  Inevitably, he also has strong views on ‘Brexit’.

Those views are (I guess) not a million miles from those of our regular Euro-guide, Graham Bishop – who will, once again, help us keep things in perspective by reminding us of all the things (good, bad, indifferent) the EU is doing (or plotting) to create a single European financial space, with or without the UK.

As the debate over ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ ‘Brexit’ warms up, these monthly meetings seem to me even more valuable, since they provide a fairly accessible overview of the problems both the UK and the EU27 face.  Plus, of course, there is plenty of talent in the room to keep us on the right track – and to make sure we don’t miss anything too crucial.

If you (or a colleague) would like to join us, would you please let us know by calling the Centre on 0207 7621 1056 or by emailing  As usual, there will be coffee, tea and buns, courtesy of Grant Thornton.