Brussels for Breakfast

Held on Tuesday, November 17

With support from the British Bankers’ Association


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Raoul Ruparel (Open Europe)


David Cameron has finally submitted his list of ‘reforms’ that he wants to extract from Brussels as the price for heading off Brexit. And the Single Supervisory Mechanism – which overseas 123 European banks directly, while backstopping two thousand more – is now a year old.

So there’s quite a bit to talk about, even leaving aside Juncker’s plan for a single eurozone seat on the IMF board, new rules on payment services and all the other grist that is going through the Brussels mill. As always, our guide to what is going on is the last great euro-enthusiast, Graham Bishop – eponymous proprietor of This month, however, he won’t get things all his own way: his co-conspirator will be Raoul Ruparel, co-director of Open Europe a contributing editor (on EU issues) for Forbes, and a notable euro-realist.

That said, this is a caring-and-sharing experience and if you would like to share your own experience of and insights into the Brussels sausage-factory, please don’t hold back.