Banking Reform: A speech by the Rt. Hon. Andrew Tyrie MP

Held on Monday, November 16

Supported by Allen & Overy


  • The Rt. Hon. Andrew Tyrie MP


Andrew Tyrie is the MP for Chichester, which he has represented since 1997.  Since 2010, he has also chaired the immensely influential Treasury Select Committee, succeeding John (now Lord) McFall, and the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards which published its authoritative and controversial final report in 2013.

The Independent has called him “the most influential backbencher in the Commons” – with “as much, if not more, influence as many Ministers”.  In other words, what Andrew says, matters.

The CSFI is delighted to provide him with a platform for an important speech on financial regulation – with support from our good friends at Allen & Overy.

What has got Andrew exercised is the perceived change of tone from the government and regulators in recent months, away from ever-tougher financial regulation and towards the end of “banker-bashing”.  Many in the City will welcome this, but Andrew is concerned – particularly in so far as it may undermine efforts to ‘ring-fence’ the banks’ retail operations, which he believes are an essential part of the authorities’ commitment to financial reform.

This is clearly going to be an important speech, and we are grateful that Andrew has asked us to help get his message across to the City.  We would be delighted if you were able to join us.  Thanks to the generosity of Allen & Overy, there will be drinks and nibbles to add to the fun.