The IMF's AsiaPac Regional Economic Outlook

Held on Friday, May 6, 2016

With support from Nabarro


  • Roberto Guimaraes (deputy division chief, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF)

  • James Kynge (FT)



We are always happy to help out the IMF – which is, as always, the definitive source of wisdom on the global economy.

The latest opportunity is a trip to London by Roberto Guimarães, deputy division chief in the Asia and Pacific Department – and principal author of the Fund’s latest Regional Economic Outlook for the Asia-Pacific region. Given the importance of Asia – and particularly of China – to the wider world, what the IMF has to say is extremely important. Briefly, it confirms Asia’s economic dynamism, but it flags the problems that stem from China’s growth transition – particularly on regional economies and financial markets, both upstream and downstream. It also worries about slowing global trade and rising Asian inequality.

But it isn’t just China. The Fund is also concerned about FX volatility, weaker growth in Japan and low oil prices – all of which can undermine Asian growth and impact on the advanced economies as well.

We are delighted that Dr. Guimarães has agreed to discuss the REO – and to provide an update on where Fund thinking stands today.

But, just to keep him honest, we will arrange for one or two other Asia experts to join him on the panel.