The InsurTech landscape

A round-table on a new Oliver Wyman/Policen Direkt study, with the authors, Dietmar Kottman and Nikolai Dördrechter

Held on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 12.30-2.15pm


  • Dietmar Kottman (Oliver Wyman)

  • Nikolai Dördrechter (Policen Direkt Group)

  • Volker Büttner (Generali)

  • Matthew Churchill (Hiscox)

  • Carlos Eduardo Espinal (Seedcamp)



We’ve looked at InsurTech on several occasions – but mostly at individual start-ups (Cuvva, SoSure, SPIXII, among others). It is obviously an extremely attractive area, where there is real value to be added – and money to be made.

But what we haven’t done is look at the entire insurance sector in a systematic way to see where new tech-based entrants are having the biggest impact, where the landscape is getting crowded, and where the most attractive opportunities lie. Fortunately, our friends at Oliver Wyman and Policen Direkt have done precisely that, producing an important new report, InsurTech caught on the radar, that is due to be published this month. It is (in its own words) “the first comprehensive overview of the global business InsurTech activity, identifying which players are active in which segment, category and geography”. It also assesses the potential of each segment/category and the current level of activity.

Sounds pretty good to me. We are, therefore, delighted that two of the people most closely associated with the report have agreed to present their findings:

  • Dietmar Kottman is a partner with Oliver Wyman in Munich, heading the firm’s digital insurance strategy practice in EMEA. Before joining Oliver Wyman, he worked at BCG and in various technology roles.
  • Nikolai Dördrechter is managing director of Policen Direkt-Group and co-founded the two InsurTech start-ups Covomo and Gewerbeversicherung24. Before joining Policen Direkt he worked as a partner at Oliver Wyman’s private equity group

To kick off the discussion, and to expand on the relevance of the report to the UK and the rest of Europe, I am also delighted that we have three more insurance experts:

  • Volker Büttner is group head of innovation at Generali, responsible for identifying and deploying new key technologies and digital business models across the Generali Group globally, and a former head of strategy for German insurer CosmosDirekt.
  • Matthew Churchill is head of Hiscox Futures, looking at innovation and disruption in the insurance industry, and leading Hiscox’s work with start-ups, VCs and entrepreneurs.
  • Carlos Eduardo Espinal is a seed investor and partner at Seedcamp, where he has led investments in more than 240 companies, as well as setting up Carlos is a regular industry spokesperson on tech and the investment landscape.

InsurTech is both exciting and a bit frightening. But it is also important as a potential major disruptor of an industry in which the City of London is a dominant player. If you (or a colleague) would like to learn more – and perhaps add your own two penn’orth – please let us know by calling 0207 621 1056 or emailing As usual, sandwiches and wine will be provided.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton