Carlos Montalvo (EIOPA) and Andy Briggs (Friends Life)

March 3 2015


  • Carlos Montalvo (EIOPA)

  • Andy Briggs (Friends Life)

  • Paul Wright (Global Insurance Fellow)


The current CSFI/Swiss Re Insurance Fellowship Programme – with Paul Wright as the Fellow – is drawing to a close. As part of the Programme, we have held around a dozen lively and well-attended round-tables in London on a wide range of topical issues. And, in November, we published Paul’s report on insurance and financial stability (New directions for insurance: Implications for financial stability) – a subject that continues to exercise policy-makers. There are some signs that commonsense and pragmatism may prevail.

To mark the end of the Fellowship, we are hosting a dinner on March 3, at which Paul will discuss the conclusions he has reached and will introduce two distinguished speakers:

  • Carlos Montalvo is EIOPA’s Executive Director, a position he has held since February 2011. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Authority, which oversees the European insurance and pensions regime. He was previously Secretary-General of CEIOPS, and, before that, an insurance supervisor in Spain, specializing in international issues and complex groups.
  • Andy Briggs is currently Group Chief Executive of Friends Life and is chief executive-designate of Aviva UK’s life business (following Aviva’s takeover of Friends Life). He was formerly chief executive of Scottish Widows and of the general insurance business of Lloyds Banking Group. He is also chairman of the ABI’s audit committee and represents the ABI on the PRA’s practitioner panel.

Carlos will give us his perspective on key regulatory issues – from both EU and global perspectives. Andy will give us his thoughts on the key challenges facing the industry. Regulation is never going to be popular with the industry. But the message from all sides (including our Insurance Banana Skins surveys) is that industry views regulation as a major risk. This doesn’t seem right. What can be done to address it?