Financial services and the Digital Single Market:
two working group discussions on retail finance
and non-life insurance 


Held on Tuesday, March 22, 2016



The European Commission has asked CEPS (the Centre for European Policy Studies) to investigate (1) the current state of ‘financial digitisation’ in the EU and (2) ways in which financial digitisation/FinTech could help develop a more integrated and competitive Single Market for retail financial services.

As part of this project, CEPS and the CSFI are organising two focus group sessions in London on March 22. The focus group discussions will ultimately feed expert comment into the European Commission's Green Paper on Retail Financial Services and Insurance. 

The format for the day will be fairly relaxed: participants will receive a list of key questions in advance, and representatives from CEPS and the CSFI will facilitate a group discussion on each of the matters raised.

The discussion will take place under the Chatham House Rule: participants in the focus group will be identified in the final report, but their specific comments will be made on an anonymous basis.

The meeting will take place at the London Capital Club (15 Abchurch Lane, London, EC4N 7BW) on Tuesday, March 22. There will be two sessions:

  • Digitisation, retail finance and the Single Market (covering segments such as consumer loans, housing loans, current accounts, savings and payments). This session will take place from 11am-1.30pm.

  • Digitisation, non-life insurance and the Single Market (covering property, car and health insurance). This session will take place from 2.30-4.30pm.

The European Commission’s letter of endorsement can be found here.