New business models in insurance

Held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.


  • Dylan Bourguignon (So-Sure)

  • Andrew Rear (Munich Re)

  • Lindsay Nieman (XL Catlin)

  • Chris Sandilands (Oxbow Partners)



Not so long ago, peer-to-peer insurance looked like the next big thing. Everyone from loss pooling groups like Cycle Syndicate to collective buying groups like Friendsurance to affinity models like Lemonade tried the label on for size.

Today, the “P2P insurance” label is more nuanced. No-one serious seems to be suggesting that we enter into bilateral insurance contracts with one another along the lines of peer-to-peer lending. A handful of businesses – including the likes of So-Sure – continue to offer customers a share of the upside as well as the risk of insurance. Others have quietly dropped the “P2P insurance” tag altogether.

Either way, we have a great deal of innovation – and new business models – in the general insurance area. What these new models mean for customer relations – and whether they are succeeding – is one of the big themes of “InsurTech”, and is attracting serious attention from incumbents.

So what are they doing? To enlighten us on this fast-moving area we are delighted to welcome:

  • Andy Rear, CEO of Munich Re Digital Partners. Andy is a former partner and head of EMEA insurance consulting at Oliver Wyman, who now leads Munich Re’s investments across the InsurTech spectrum.
  • Dylan Bourguignon, CEO of So-Sure, a social insurance service based on ‘networks of trust’, and co-founder of Cycle Syndicate. Dylan is a former venture capitalist and growth advisor for Grant Thornton.
  • Chris Sandilands, a founding partner at Oxbow Partners. Chris is a former insurance underwriter and consultant who now advises insurers and brokers on strategy, innovation and InsurTech.

As usual, this will be a “caring and sharing” experience – which means that we hope you will share your own insights/hope/fears with the rest of the group. If you (or a colleague or friend) would like to join us for what I hope will be a lively and informative discussion, please let us know by calling 0207 621 1056 or emailing Sandwiches, wine and soft drinks will be provided.