Regulating FinTech: balancing innovation and risk

Held on Thursday, March 2, 2017


  • Robard Williams (Moody's)

  • Rodger Oates (TCS)

  • Suchitra Nair (Deloitte)



“The challenge for policymakers is to ensure that FinTech develops in a way that maximises the opportunities and minimises the risks for society.”

So said Mark Carney at this year's Davos festivities. And he is far from alone in pondering how to balance progress with stability. Across the globe, regulators and innovators alike are studying the rule books and wondering how the countless new initiatives fit with existing regulation and what (if any) accommodations should be made.

With so much change underway, it is about time someone produced a handy summary of the different approaches being adopted. On which note, we are delighted to welcome Robard Williams, a Senior Vice President at Moody’s in New York who specialises in financial institutions and FinTech. Robard is the lead author on a new paper from Moody’s examining global regulatory approaches to FinTech – so we’re pleased to catch him while he’s in London.

But is there a right approach? Joining Robard to discuss the impact of regulation on the development of FinTech, we have two experts from this side of the Atlantic:

  • Rodger Oates is a Consulting Partner at Tata Consultancy Services specialising in banking and financial services. A Startupbootcamp mentor, he is also a member of techUK’s Financial Services Council and chair of techUK’s Distributed Ledger working group.
  • Suchitra Nair is a Director in the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy and leads on Fintech insight, contributing to Deloitte’s Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook. Prior to joining the Centre, she was involved in delivering large scale regulatory change projects for UK and international banks.

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