Post-EU referendum financial briefing

Held on Monday, June 27, 2016


  • Graham Bishop (independent consultant,

  • John Redwood MP

  • Alexandria Carr (Mayer Brown)

  • Wes Himes (managing partner, Instinctif)

  • Mark Foster (partner, Kreab)



A full event invitation will be released in due course.

If, on June 23, we decide to part company with our friends across the water, things will undoubtedly change for the City – though, almost certainly not as fast as either Remainers or Brexiteers have been predicting. But if we vote to Stay, things will also change: there is a ton of pent-up legislation in Brussels that will be released, and new initiatives that will be launched by newly-enthused Euro-federalists. 

So, either way, it seems to us that we need a stock-taking exercise.

Hence, this (fairly) rapid reaction briefing – which, depending on your inclinations, is either a celebration or a wake. Tentatively, our panel includes:

  • Graham Bishop, an old-time Europhile, whose heart will have been broken should we vote to Leave. That said, there is (IMHO) no one in London who knows the minutiae of EU financial legislation better than Graham, who in a previous incarnation covered European bond markets for Citigroup.
  • John Redwood, MP for Wokingham since 1987, a former minister under John Major, and one of the leading Conservative backbench voices for Brexit.
  • Alexandria Carr, Of Counsel with Mayer Brown in London, which she joined after 13 years with the UK Government, latterly with the Treasury where she was hired specifically to advise on Solvency II.
  • Wes Himes, MD of Instinctif’s public policy practice in Brussels. Prior to founding Policy Action (which he sold to Instinctif in 2011), he worked as an aide to a leading MEP.
  • Mark Foster, a partner at Kreab in Brussels, who is also Vice-Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce’s financial services and company law committee.