Brussels for Breakfast (111)

Hosted by the British Bankers' Association

June 16 2015


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Nickolas Reinhardt (Afore Consulting)



You know what you get with B4B… Graham Bishop (the City’s most obsessive euro-watcher) goes through all the key financial developments in Brussels that you may have missed, and points you towards the ghastly things that are being cooked up for our delectation over the next few months. Then another speaker appears, as if by magic, and tells us what’s important and what’s not – and what all the hot gossip is in Brussels.

This month, that “other speaker” is Nickolas Reinhardt, co-founder and director of Afore Consulting – which he set up (with Anne Keane) in 2007, after almost two decades as a financial services consultant in Brussels (latterly, with Fleishman Hillard and Houston Consulting).

As always, there is a lot going on – not just Cameron’s attempt to win a substantial renegotiation of Britain’s role. There’s the Greek crisis (on which I may have something to say, given that I am off to Athens tomorrow). There’s the Commission’s draft budget, the EU-Swiss accord on bank secrecy, the purported attempt by the French to redefine CMU as support for “European champions”, the LAC’s proposal to give extra rights to long-term shareholders… And, of course, all the many pieces of more or less otiose financial regulation that make life in London what it is today.