Brussels for Breakfast

Held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

With support from Grant Thornton


  • Graham Bishop (independent consultant,

  • Peter Snowdon (Norton Rose Fulbright)



Well, the election will be over, and serious negotiations on ‘Brexit’ will be ready to start by the time we hold our 131st B4B meeting – that is (I assume) unless we are facing a Corbyn/Sturgeon/Farron coalition…stranger things have happened.

Assuming ‘Brexit’ (hard or soft, clean or dirty) is still on the agenda, there is a lot to talk about, not least:

  • Draghi’s comments on ECB oversight of euro clearing;
  • ESMA’s opinion on supervision of firms relocating to the Eurozone (wasn’t Verena Ross supposed to be on our side?);
  • the thorny issue of ECJ jurisdiction; and
  • the FCA’s demand for detailed ‘Brexit’ plans from UK asset managers.

There is also the EU’s “business as usual” agenda, including:

  • CMU – notably, the political agreement between the EP and Commission on securitization;
  • the draft 2018 budget; and
  • Moscovici’s proposals to make Eurozone membership more palatable (apparently not enough to sway the Czechs).

Oh, and Greece – with debt talks scheduled for June 15. So, there’s a lot to talk about, and I am, therefore, delighted that (colours firmly nailed to his mast) Graham Bishop is ready to go once again – telling us just how tricky our next couple of years will be, and how we will all regret our folly. But he will not get things all his own way. Backing him up this month will be Peter Snowdon, a consultant with Norton Rose Fulbright here in London.

Peter (who has spoken once before at a B4B meeting) specialises in financial services regulation. Before joining Norton Rose, he worked in the FSA advising on EU regulatory law, passporting, AML and cross border issues, and has spoken widely on ‘Brexit’-related issues.

As always, it’s a caring-and-sharing experience. If you would like to join us, give us your thinking and enjoy Grant Thornton’s tea, coffee, and buns, please let us know by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056. If you want to bring a friend, that’s fine too.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton

PS. As the result of corporate reorganisation at Grant Thornton, this is the last time we will be able to use the Finsbury Sq. office. We are very grateful for GT’s hospitality – but we do need a new host. Any thoughts or assistance would be much appreciated.