ASIA-PAC Economic Outlook 2017

Held on Monday, June 7


  • Ranil Salgado (IMF)

  • Charles Dumas (TS Lombard)

  • Adam Wolfe (Macro Research Board)



Asia is very much in the news again – China’s ‘Silk Road’ project (or ‘Belt and Road’ initiative) and the late-May forum in Beijing involving 28 Asia-Pac countries represent the upside; Moody’s decision to downgrade China as a result of its escalating debt represents the downside. Then there’s India, with Modi’s (quixotic or visionary) attempt to drive cash out of the economy. And Korea – North and South.

In other words, it isn’t all plain sailing, even though Asia remains (and is likely to remain) the fastest growing region in the world – and, increasingly, its locomotive. There’s the problem of indebtedness, there’s the threat of protectionism and (given new estimates that suggest China’s population is falling) the possibility that China (and Asia-Pac more generally) may get old before it gets rich.

All this, and more, is covered in the IMF’s latest Regional Economic Outlook.

In the past, we have been delighted to offer the Fund a platform to expand on its regional analyses – and we are again delighted that the lead author of the latest report has agreed to walk us through the Outlook and provide an update on Fund thinking. Ranil Salgado is chief of the Regional Studies Division in APD.  He has been with the Fund for over 20 years, including a period as ResRep in Singapore. He has also worked on the WEO and on multilateral surveillance.

To keep him on his toes, we are delighted to have two other panellists:

  • Charles Dumas, Chief Economist at TS Lombard (formerly Lombard Street Research). Originally a journalist with the Economist, he spent over a decade as an investment banker with JPMorgan before joining Lombard Street Research in 1998; and
  • Adam Wolfe, who leads Macro Research Board’s work on the Chinese economy, policy and asset markets. Previously, he was director of emerging Asia for Roubini Global Economics.

If you (or a colleague) would like to join the discussion (or just listen), please call the office on 020 7621 1056 or email Sandwiches and wine will be provided.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton