European update

July 8 2015


  • Nicolas Véron (Bruegel / Peterson Institute)


I was going to call this ‘Breakfast with Bruegel’ – which has a nice ring. But it is (much) too limiting. Sure, Nicolas Véron is a senior fellow at Bruegel in Brussels. But he is also a visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute in Washington, and a compulsive commentator on financial regulation – interpreting what is going on in Europe to an American audience (and vice versa), through op-ed pieces in the FT, the WSJ, Il Sole 24 Ore, Les Echos and serious newspapers from DC to Beijing.

Two of his more serious pieces of recent research cover Capital Markets Union (April 2015, with Guntram Wolff) and Banking Union (May 2015). On both CMU and EBU, his views are pretty much definitive.

The problem is that he doesn’t get over to London as much as he used to, so we have to grab him when we can. Hence, this breakfast meeting – which is an opportunity to get a real insight into what is going on in Brussels. (As a freebie add-on, it is also an opportunity to press Nicolas on Washington tittle-tattle – not least, the fate of TTIP and the running sore of Dodd-Frank.)