Brussels for Breakfast (112)

Hosted by the British Bankers' Association

July 14 2015


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Hans Hack (FTI Consulting)



For the EU, there must be a future beyond Greece… That said, the last few weeks have demonstrated, yet again, how a very small tail can wag a very large dog.

But there are other things going on. Juncker’s ‘Five Presidents’ report, for instance – plus the Commission’s Action Plan on corporate taxation. There is also the shake-up of the Commission that saw, inter alia, Jonathan Faull put in charge of the ‘Brexit’ taskforce, reporting directly to Juncker. And the 400+ pieces of secondary legislation that will pay the school fees for a generation of Brussels fonctionnaires.

Our guide to what is going on in the Brussels moshpit is, as always, Graham Bishop – proprietor of and commentator extraordinary on EU legislation. This month, he is backed up by the equally indefatigable Hans Hack – managing director of strategic communications at FTI Consulting in Brussels. Hans is an old friend of B4B; as you know, he was formerly financial attaché at the Dutch PermRep, responsible for the AIFMD, Solvency 2, EMIR, the ESAs, und so weiter.