Brussels for Breakfast (106)

Hosted by the British Bankers' Association

January 13 2015


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Jon McLeod (Weber Shandwick)

  • Hosted by the British Bankers' Association


The Capital Markets Union green paper, more than 400 Level 2 implementing measures, MiFID/MiFIR/EMIR up the wazoo… and, all the time, a relentless emphasis on the two key constituencies for our political lords and masters in Brussels: SMEs and retail customers. Two thousand and fifteen looks like it is shaping up as another busy year for Brussels-watchers – unfortunately, one in which the UK’s influence (on Parliament and on the Commission) may well be weaker than it ever has been before. That is not to denigrate Lord Hill, or Jonathan Faull (who, himself, must soon move on); it is just to recognise political reality – and the fact that Brussels isn’t seen as a stepping-stone to professional success in Whitehall as it is in most Continental capitals.

Which makes our monthly exercise in euro-masochism all the more important…

For the first meeting of the year, we welcome back the utterly indefatigable Graham Bishop – whose enthusiasm for the minutiae of European legislation leaves me both baffled and in awe. This month, we will pair him up with a distinguished practitioner of the dark arts of public relations – Jon McLeod, chairman of the UK corporate, financial and public affairs practice at Weber Shandwick.

Jon admits to having “trained everyone from Bob Diamond to Alan Rusbridger” in the course of a twenty-plus year career, which has seen him regularly ranked in the UK’s PR top 10. He is a former journalist, with a strong record in regulatory, financial and legal affairs.

It will be up to you all to separate spin from substance, but – since our B4B meetings are a caring-and-sharing-experience – I am sure that there will be a lot to mull over.