FinTech for Breakfast

Held on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

With support from Dentons


  • Izabella Kaminska (FT Alphaville

  • Dave Birch (global ambassador, Consult Hyperion)



Our monthly FinTech for Breakfast series is starting to settle down. I don’t want it to be just a gab-fest for techno-geeks; and I definitely don’t want it to be an opportunity (yet another opportunity) for a monomaniacal exposition on how the blockchain is going to change the world. What I want (and I concede that I might not get my way) is a regular briefing, aimed at financial services professionals who need to be familiar with FinTech but who are not working daily at the FinTech coalface, that will cover:

  • the main stories – products, conferences, regulatory initiatives etc – that have come up in the last month; and

  • the main things that we need to be aware of for the next month or so.

As part of this, my colleague, Harry Atkinson, has built an add-on to our website (available here) that lists what he feels we ought to be covering. I would urge you to have a look at it – and to send any suggestions/amendments to Harry so that he can incorporate them.

As usual, our guide through the FinTech Universe is Izabella Kaminska – who blogs on tech (and other) issues for FT Alphaville

This month, she will be supported by our old friend (and CSFI Technology Fellow) Dave Birch – now Director of Innovation for Consult Hyperion, the electronic transactions consultancy that he founded with Neil McEvoy and Stuart Fiske 30 years ago. I see (from his Consult Hyperion blog) that Dave’s current obsessions include: direct-to-account payments in the retail space, real estate fraud, the European Biometric Alliance Initiative, TfL’s new tri-reader and the all-world Hackathon he attended at the beginning of the month. No doubt, we will learn more.