UKIP and the City

February 5 2015


  • Steven Woolfe MEP (UKIP)


It has taken a while, but we have finally nailed down Steven Woolfe MEP – UKIP’s financial and City affairs spokesman, who is also the party’s candidate for Stockport (a seat currently held by Labour’s Ann Coffey with a majority over the Tories and LibDems of around 7,000). Don’t rule him out: his half-brother, Nathan, plays for Stockport County.

He is an interesting guy. At one time, a criminal barrister, he has more recently acted as general counsel for a number of hedge funds, and clearly knows his way around the City. He also knows his way around ECON – and, indeed, gave our own Lord Hill a tough time when he appeared as part of his confirmation process. He has also suggested that “EU bureaucracy is driving financial markets out of Europe” – which is, I am sure, a sentiment many friends of the CSFI might subscribe to.

As you may remember, I have been banging away for ages about the need for UKIP to engage more with the Brussels bureaucracy when it comes to financial services. It isn’t enough just to say they are a bunch of tosspots, and then wash one’s hands of the whole euro-farrago. If the UK is going to get a fair shake, all of our representatives in the Parliament need to get involved – and, for UKIP, that means Steven.

It is an odd time to meet him – but with the UK election coming up, that is all that is on offer. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to find out just how far UKIP will go in fighting the City’s corner.