ECB banking supervision and beyond

February 19 2015



  • Karel Lannoo (Centre for European Policy Studies)

  • Tom Huertas (EY)


At the end of last year, the Centre for European Policy Studies (a Brussels-based think tank) published the report of a task force set up to look at, inter alia:

  • the centralization of supervision within the Eurozone, under the Single Supervisory Mechanism;
  • the problems that the ECB will encounter in operating the SSM;
  • the remaining issues of resolution and deposit guarantee; and
  • relations between the SSM and the European Systemic Risk Board.

The chairman of the task force was José María Roldán, the former chairman of the CEBS (the forerunner of the EBA). The rapporteur was Karel Lannoo, chief executive of CEPS (and a long-time friend of the CSFI), and among the members of the group was Tom Huertas, now a partner at EY but known to all of us from his time at the FSA. I am delighted that both Karel and Tom have agreed to come and walk us through the report – and, indeed, to explain just what the SSM is up to and where it is heading.