Argentina: prospects for 2015

In partnership with Canning House

February 12 2015


  • Professor Colin Lewis (LSE)

  • Robustiano Tubio (Santander Global Banking and Markets)

  • Richard Segal (Oxford Analytica)


It has not been a good year for Argentina (when was the last good year?) – or for President Cristina Kirchner. The interminable battle with holdout creditors, the deepening impact of a recession that began in the first quarter of 2014, and, latterly, the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman – all have scarred the last couple of years of kirchnerismo. But it is probably the economy that ought to worry us most: annual GDP growth was 9.2% as recently as 2010 – but was probably -1% (or worse) last year.

That said, there are elections in October, and there is hope that Argentina might vote in a more liberal, business-friendly President. Or not; after all, recent history is not too encouraging. Still, Argentina matters – both within a Latin American context and to the UK. So we are delighted that (thanks to our friends at Canning House) we have been able to put together a distinguished panel of speakers to discuss What Comes Next (and how we got here):

  • Colin Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Latin American economic history at LSE, and a prolific author on the region;
  • Jill Hedges is the deputy director of analysis at Oxford Analytica, and author of Argentina: A modern history;
  • Robustiano Tubio is a vice-president at Santander, responsible for global restructuring; and
  •  Richard Segal is head of emerging market credit strategy at Jefferies International.