Brussels for Breakfast

Held on Tuesday, December 15

With support from the British Bankers’ Association


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Wes Himes (Instinctif Partners)


It is generally a waste of time ploughing through news on European financial regulation ahead of our B4B meetings – even though I would like to think that some degree of prioritisation would be a Good Thing. The truth is that (much though I love him) Graham Bishop is not going to be deflected by anything I say or do – or write in the invitation letter. There are very few people in London who know as much as he does about the legislative and regulatory process in Brussels; like Ko-Ko, he ‘has a little list’ – and he will work through it come hell or high water.

However, occasionally he needs some help, and I am delighted that – for our final B4B of the year – we have a new face to offer him assistance. Wes Himes is the managing partner of Instinct Partners public policy practice in Brussels, where he has worked since earning his MBA from the Catholic University in Leuven. Prior to founding Policy Action (which he sold to Instinctif Partners in 2011), he worked as the Brussels representative for the European Policy Forum and as an aide to a leading MEP. Oddly (given that he is clearly a fixture on the Brussels scene), Wes appears to be a good Southern Gentleman – a BA from Virginia, before decamping to Europe.