Who's up, who's down?
The landscape for alternative SME finance

Held on Thursday, December 3

With support from Kemp Little


  • Andy Davis (Alternative Funding Network)

  • Tania Ziegler (Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance)

  • John Regan (Platform Black)

  • Andy Moseby (Kemp Little)


Three years ago, the CSFI published a report by Andy Davis into non-bank sources of SME finance. What was important about this was that Andy – who had recently left the FT (where he edited the weekend edition) – found 49 internet-based alternatives to mainstream banks, ranging from P2P lending platforms to factoring and invoice discounting. Since then, Andy has become more deeply involved in the sector – investing directly into one or two of the more promising ventures, and co-founding the Alternative Funding Network.

The AFN is a forum for sharing market intelligence about the financing options that are available to the SME sector. It arranges industry seminars, provides regulatory commentary – and offers Andy a grandstand view of who’s up and who’s down in this most fluid and volatile part of the financial services industry. I am delighted that he has agreed to give us his own judgment on what is going on – and, in particular, where non-bank players are really starting to make a difference.

I am also delighted that Tania Ziegler – who is the research project manager at the Judge Business School’s CCAF – has agreed to join Andy. She was involved with Knowledge Peers and with the establishment of the AFN.

Adding to the fun will be John Regan and Andy Moseby.

John is an angel investor, specialising in alternative finance, who is both a director of and an investor in Platform Black – which (it claims) has already provided almost £100 million in SME funding. Andy is a partner in Kemp Little’s corporate practice, where he leads on digital media, interactive entertainment and gaming. In theory, at least, he is well placed to pour cold water on the wilder enthusiasms of the alternative finance disciples.