Auto-enrolment – an unqualified success?

Held on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 12.30-2.15pm


  • Baroness Altmann

  • Chris Curry (Pensions Policy Institute)

  • Michael Johnson (Centre for Policy Studies)

  • Malcolm Small (Retirement Income Alliance)



The DWP’s review of Auto-enrolment is underway and, so far, there is reason to be optimistic. Over 7.5 million people have been signed up, more than 230,000 employers are meeting their commitments (many ahead of schedule), and The Pensions Regulator has started to flex its muscles.

That said, there are concerns. A long tail of micro-employers has still to come on board. Many still fall outside the scope of AE – because they are too young, too old, work multiple jobs, are self-employed or simply earn too little. Even for those inside the scheme, the savings rates are still too low. Equally, there are uncertainties over how employers will manage as the contribution rates increase.

So, plenty to chew on. To kick things off, we are delighted to welcome Baroness Altmann, the previous Minister of State for Pensions, to give her views. An economist by training and investment banker by profession, Ros has advised several Governments on private pensions, is a governor of the LSE and a former Director General of the Saga Group.

Not that Ros will have things all her own way. Joining us to discuss the future of AE (and perhaps its alternatives), we are pleased to welcome:

  • Chris Curry, Director of the Pensions Policy Institute, and one of the three co-chairs for the DWP AE Review Advisory Group. A former senior economist at the ABI, he was also an economic advisor to DWP.
  • Michael Johnson, independent research fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies and architect of the Lifetime ISA. A long-time investment banker, he subsequently worked for Towers Watson and ran David Cameron’s Economic Competitiveness Policy Group.
  • Malcolm Small, founder of the Retirement Income Alliance and a non-executive director of The People's Pension. A former senior advisor to the Institute of Directors and policy director at TISA, Malcolm is a regular commentator on the sector in both the national and specialist press. 

If you (or a colleague) would like to join the discussion, please call the CSFI on 020 7621 1056 or email Wine, refreshments and sandwiches will be available as usual.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton