Brussels for Breakfast (109)

Hosted by the British Bankers' Association

April 14 2015


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Huw Jones (Reuters News)

  • Simona Amati (Kreab Gavin Anderson)


Well, we can probably begin with Greece – bankruptcy by April 20? Or a comprehensive deal by April 24 – which is what Finance Minister Varoufakis is predicting? But there is also:

  • the end of money transfer restrictions in Cyprus – a rare bit of good news, even though the restrictions lasted for two years, not the two weeks originally predicted;
  • the latest probe into ‘unfair’ state aid for banks in the eurozone’s benighted Southern tier;
  • yet another crackdown on tax avoidance/evasion, particularly by those dreaded multinationals; and
  • all the other bits and pieces of Level 1 and Level 2 regulation that are walking their way through the EU sausage machine.

As usual, our guide this month to what is going on is the indefatigable star of stage and screen, Graham Bishop – proprietor of His co-conspirator will be Huw Jones, regulatory correspondent at Thomson Reuters, who covers European regulatory issues as well as global rulemaking bodies from the FSB to IOSCO. We will also be joined by Simona Amati, a director at Kreab, who co-manages the financial services public affairs practice. Prior to joining Kreab, she worked for the Central Bank of Luxembourg.