FinTech for Breakfast (45)

Held on Thursday, October 17th, at Dentons


  • Jemima Kelly (FT Alphaville)

  • Juergen Blumberg (Goldman Sachs)

  • Allan Lane (Algo-Chain)



After last month’s mammoth session (due to the summer hiatus), one might have expected that this might be a quieter affair. My colleague, Leighton Hughes, will (as usual) produce The List of what has been going on ahead of our next FT4B meeting, but even a glance through recent news releases shows:

-           London has taken the world FinTech crown in terms of investment deals from New York and San Francisco. (Well done to all in the room.) San Fran is still top in terms of value.

-          Sibos has taken London (and the world) by storm.

-           Goldman Sachs launched their ETF service in Europe on 26 September. ETFs (one of the first recent FinTech instruments) are certainly up for discussion – not least because of our panel this month...

- But, also, as European ETFs have suffered their first net outflows since 2016.

 I, also, assume that at this meeting, too, we will continue to thrash out the implications of Libra and the potentially anonymous payment system for Facebook.

Our usual guide will, I am sure, offer her own views. Jemima Kelly covers FinTech for FT Alphaville, and is seldom without a view on the key tech issues of the day. Her recent work has been Blockchain: a solution desperately seeking a problem, When bitcoin bros talk digitisation and A Cushing, Oklahoma effect for bitcoin futures. Backing her up this month are two other big hitters:

 -       Juergen Blumberg, primed for his bank’s European roll-out of ETFs this month, is head of ETF capital markets at Goldman Sachs. Previously he was head of ETF capital markets at Invesco Powershares and before that at Blackrock (in his native Germany).

-       Allan Lane, co-founder of Algo-chain (his latest FinTech venture), has a background in tech, mathematical algos and forecasting. His firm’s mission is “to help investors achieve their full potential by leveraging the power of data science.” He spent 7 years as head of product and investment consulting at iShares (Blackrock’s ETF provider). Before that, he was head of quant research at RBS. He has also been with Nomura, JP Morgan and BNP Paribas. He has degrees from Cambridge, Oxford, and a PhD in theoretical physics from Washington. Wow!

As always, there is lots to talk (and argue) about. If you (or a colleague) would like to join us, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056. Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Dentons, there will be lots of tea, coffee, fruit, and pastries.

Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton