FinTech for Breakfast (37)

Held on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

With support from Dentons


  • Jemima Kelly (FT Alphaville)

  • Jeff Lynn (Seedrs)



Our last FinTech meeting was in early December - the first without Angus Young's helping hand. But time and tide wait for no man. In the last month, we have seen the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin (boo!), plus:

  • a (near-) collapse in cryptocurrency prices across the board;

  • the first (allegedly) successful attempt by a company, Alethena from Switzerland, to “tokenise” its entire share capital on the Eretheum blockchain;

  • a sharp ratcheting up of security concerns about Chinese tech – especially the crucial role that Huawei is playing in 5G development;

  • real concerns about Uber and Lyft (and other gig economy) valuations; and

  • yet more puffery about Monzo, which hit its millionth customer in December with “at least 15% of new UK current accounts” – wow.

There was also the “FinTech on the Block” blockchain love-in in San Francisco (our domestic competitor seems to be in Hull), a CEO survey by Intertrust that revealed (no surprise) that, while 2/3 of senior execs believe disruptive technologies will have a positive impact on their business, only 1/3 of them are doing anything about it, and a gloomy report by Databarracks into the security implications of the IoT.

In other words, there is a massive amount going on. Our guide, as usual, is the ineffable Jemima Kelly, who has been with FT Alphaville since last April – and with us almost as long. Backing her up is Jeff Lynn, co-founder of Seedrs (the UK’s leading source of finance for smaller, private companies) in 2009. He is a former corporate lawyer in NY and London, who was also named as one of the most influential men in Britain by GQ. Cool.

So, lots to talk about – and I hope you will join in too, either on the day or (in Angus’s absence) by emailing your thoughts to Oliver Warren ( ahead of time. If you (or a friend/colleague) would like to join us, please let us know by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056. As usual, thanks to the generous hospitality of our friends at Dentons, there will be lots of coffee, tea and buns.

Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton