FinTech for Breakfast (44)

To be held on Thursday, September 19th, at Dentons


  • Jemima Kelly (FT Alphaville)

  • Sharmila Paranjpe (Wipro)

  • John Detrixhe (Quartz)



While you all have been working on your tans on various beaches, the world of FinTech has been moving apace. My colleague, Leighton Hughes, will (as usual) produce a more detailed list of what has been going on ahead of our next FT4B meeting, but a cursory trawl through my own clippings reveals:

  • Further good and bad news for Monzo – a range of new loans and further expansion (not least into the US), but also the inevitable data breach;

  • The remorseless march of N26 – now, clearly the biggest digital bank in Europe;

  • A fascinating initiative by SquareBook to cut out brokers and investment banks by linking companies with potential investors directly;

  • Revolut’s latest move into commission-free equity trading;

  • A new tech-focused stock exchange in Shanghai, modelled on Nasdaq; and

  • The emergence of India as the latest battleground for competing payments platforms.

Perhaps most important of all, I note the various initiatives in the US to rein in Big Tech – with a coalition of states’ Attorney Generals launching their own initiative just a month after the DoJ opened its own anti-trust investigation into how the online platforms got their power and what they are doing with it.

Add in the fight over 5G standards and the rising concern over privacy issues (likely to be exacerbated post-Brexit), and we have a lot to get out teeth into. Fortunately, we (once again) have Jemima Kelly to show the way. As you know, she covers FinTech for FT Alphaville – with an appropriately sceptical turn of phrase. Recent posts looked at Malta, Woz, Bitcoin (as always), the future of capitalism, und so weiter. No change there. Backing her this month are:

  • Sharmila Paranjpe, VP and country head UK & Ireland for Wipro Ltd., leads the company’s business and investment programs in the UK & Ireland. As a key member of the Wipro Foundation, she is responsible for CSR programs, including STEM education initiative in partnership with King’s College, London.

  • John Detrixhe, “future of finance” reporter for Quartz, where he has been writing about PayPal, Tencent, Alipay, Sweden’s cashless economy and all things digital since he moved over from Bloomberg News in April 2017.

There is lots to talk (and argue) about. If you (or a colleague) would like to join us, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056. As usual, thanks to the generosity of our friends at Dentons, there will be lots of tea, coffee and buns.

Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton