A dinner discussion with Mohammed el-Kuwaiz

Held on Monday, July 15th


  • Mohammed el-Kuwaiz (Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Capital Markets Authority)



It isn’t often that we get to discuss the future of one of the world’s most important emerging markets with one of those people who is going to shape that future. But that is what we can offer for this dinner discussion, kindly hosted by our friends at Ruffer.

Saudi Arabia is now an important constituent of MSCI’s emerging markets index. It is also embarking on a massive economic, financial and social transformation, outlined in the Vision 2030 programme launched by the Crown Prince in 2016, which involved 96 (count ‘em) ‘strategic objectives’ – almost all of which offer enormous opportunities to foreign partners. Oh, and then there’s the (partial) privatisation of Aramco – pretty much the biggest flotation any of us has ever seen.

At the heart of this is Mohammed el-Kuwaiz, chairman of the Capital Markets Authority since July 2017, and one of a fairly small group of extraordinarily talented young/youngish technocrats who are charged with putting the Crown Prince’s plans into practice.

By chance, Mohammed happens to be a member of the CSFI’s Governing Council, and has, therefore, agreed to be our guest at a small, high-level dinner hosted at Ruffer’s (rather wonderful) Westminster offices.

Would you like to join us? While nothing is off the table, the discussion will be under the Chatham House rule – which should ensure a lively evening

We only have a couple of dozen places, so an early response would be appreciated – to alex@csfi.org or to 0207 621 1056. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton