FinTech for Breakfast (41): A monthly briefing on developments in technology-driven financial services.

Held on Tuesday, May 21 2019


  • Izabella Kaminska (FT Alphaville)

  • Rachel Bentley (KPMG)

  • Antony Welfare (Luxoft)



Gosh, there is a lot going on. At the time of writing, we are in the midst of UK FinTech week; there is also Innovate Finance’s Global Summit, announcement of a new FinTech National Network, a new UK-India tech hub in Docklands, and the continued progress that the FCA is making in developing a cross-border regulatory “sandbox”. At a corporate level, I note in particular, Revolut’s new “softer image”, and the continued hype around blockchain/DLT.

I could go on – and my colleague, Leighton Hughes, will undoubtedly do so, and circulate his list of significant developments as a basic agenda ahead of the next FT4B meeting at Dentons. Anchoring that meeting, will be our old friend Izabella Kaminska – back from maternity leave, and now editor of FT Alphaville – who is subbing for Jemima Kelly. Her recent reporting has covered:

  • alleged censorship of right-wing voices by Google and other social media platforms;

  • the vulnerability of cryptos in the wake of Tether’s problems; and

  • the Fatima cult and Moscow as “the third Rome”.

In other words, a woman of many parts.

Izabella is properly sceptical about the area she covers, so it is only right and proper that we also offer a more starry-eyed view of the FinTech landscape – in this case, from:

  • Rachel Bentley, a senior manager at KPMG, working with fast-growing FinTech businesses. She joined KPMG in 2009, as a banking risk manager, and took a one-year sabbatical in 2014 to go to the CBI’s financial policy team. Since she returned to KPMG, she has specialised in FinTech, and is a regular on @InnFin’s “Women in FinTech” power list.

  • Antony Welfare, the global leader at Luxoft for its blockchain practice, focusing on enterprise blockchain technology. He is also an advisor to the UK government on blockchain, a keynote speaker on blockchain, and author of “Commercialising blockchain”, to be published this summer by Wiley.

Those who know Izabella, know that she is not the most enthusiastic advocate for the DLT revolution (me, neither). So it should be a sparky discussion. If you (or a colleague) would like to join us, please let us know by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056. As usual, thanks to the hospitality of our friends at Dentons, there will be lots of coffee, tea and buns.

Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton