Brussels for Breakfast (149)

Held on Tuesday, April 09, 2019

With support from CISI


  • Graham Bishop (

  • Sabine Dittrich (UBS)

  • Simona Amati (Kreab)



Who knows what will have happened by April 9? We may be about to take a leap into the unknown; we may be trapped in a loveless marriage for eternity. But, for better or worse, the City will have to figure out a way to negotiate what is bound to be a very tricky couple of years.

Enter Graham Bishop… indefatigable europhile, compulsive snapper-up of regulatory trifles from the Brussels sausage machine, and our long-time guide to what is actually going on across the water. I am not even going to make a guess what will be on his agenda for this meeting, but – whatever is/is not going on – Graham is our man for all seasons. However, given the significance of this meeting, he won’t be alone. I am delighted that we have two other distinguished panellists to share the anguish:

  • Sabine Dittrich is head of global regulatory intelligence at UBS Asset Management. She is a former chair of AFME’s Post-trade Legal Committee and is currently Vice-chair of EFAMA’s Distribution and Client Disclosure Committee. She is a German-qualified lawyer, with a PhD in international securities law, who has worked in Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Zurich and London. Awesome.

  • Simona Amati is a director and head of economic research, investment and international policy at Kreab Worldwide, based in Brussels. Before joining Kreab in 2011, she spent 10 years at the Central Bank of Luxembourg, latterly advising on European affairs. Equally awesome.

I am sure many of you will also have your own thoughts/concerns, so I can guarantee a lively session. If you (or a friend/colleague) would like to join us, please let us know by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056. As usual, thanks to the generosity of our friends at the CISI, there will be plenty of coffee, tea and buns.


Many thanks,

Andrew Hilton