Rachel Reeves MP - A Young Economists' Dinner Discussion

Held on Tuesday, November 13

With support from Accenture


  • Rachel Reeves MP



The notional age limit for our YE group is 40. Most (though not all) of our regulars meet that criterion - but very few of our speakers do. (In fact I cannot think of a single one – not Nigel Farage, Michael Fallon, Nemat Shafik, Nigel Lawson, Mike Lynch. Not even Luke Johnson, despite his boyish charm.) So, this is a modest first since this month’s speaker weighs in at just 39.

But that’s not why we are delighted she has agreed to join us.

Rachel Reeves has already achieved more since she entered Parliament as the MP for Leeds West in 2010 than many of her colleagues do in their entire careers. She started by writing the new edition of Why Vote Labour in the run up to the election, and was almost immediately afterwards appointed to the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee. After that, she took on the role of Shadow Pensions Minister, moving over to be Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury in October 2011. After Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader (and after her own maternity leave), she opted to write a book on her predecessor as MP for Leeds, Alice Bacon, and was subsequently elected as chair of what is now called the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee – in which role she has led the investigation into the collapse of Carillion, has inveighed against outrageous pay awards at Persimmon, and pressed hard for British industry to meet its carbon emission targets. Beyond that, she has ‘named and shamed’ companies that have failed to meet gender targets on their boards, and has emerged as a strong supporter of QE – perhaps because, prior to entering politics, she spent six years as an economist at the BofE and at the British Embassy in Washington.

Frankly, I have no idea what her agenda for the evening will be (that is entirely up to her), or whether we will be able to press her on ‘Brexit’ or internal Labour politics - though I will try. But she is clearly a rising star in the Labour party, and (as the Michelin Guide says) well worth a detour.

If you (or a friend/colleague) would like to join us for what I am sure will be a stimulating evening, please let us know ASAP (we only have about two dozen places) by emailing alex@csfi.org or calling the CSFI on 020 7621 1056. Thanks to the hospitality of Accenture, I can promise excellent food and wine.

Sincerely yours

Andrew Hilton