Sustainable Finance for Breakfast (8)

Held on Thursday, April 19, 2018, 8.30-10.00am.

With support from Burges Salmon


  • Ben Caldecott (Smith School, Oxford)

  • Mike Wardle (Z/Yen)

  • Matt Prescott (Environmental Ratings Agency)



Last month, our focus was on the European Commission’s new green finance strategy, which built on the recommendations of its own High Level Expert Group. This month, we have two more reports to build our discussion around: 

  • Accelerating Green Finance – a report to the UK Government by the Green Finance Taskforce, chaired by Sir Roger Gifford; and
  • The Global Green Finance Index, which was published by MAVA, Finance Watch and Z/Yen.

A key member of the GFT was (and is) our own Ben Caldecott, who runs the Sustainable Finance Programme at Oxford’s Smith School – and who also anchors our SF4B breakfasts. I am delighted that, in addition to his usual overview of developments in the sector, he is able to walk us through the recommendations he and his colleagues have made – and the reception they got from government.

As for the GGFI – which is the first attempt to rank the quality and depth of green finance offerings in 108 international centres – I am equally delighted that one of the principal authors has agreed to explain the methodology and the results. Mike Wardle is head of indices for Z/Yen, and works as part of the Long Finance initiative.

These two reports are both important, but there is a lot going on elsewhere in the sustainable finance space. We are, therefore, very grateful that Matt Prescott, co-founder of the Environmental Ratings Agency and research director at Lantern Insights, has also agreed to join the panel, and help fill in the bits that Ben and Mike might miss. 

If you (or a colleague) would like to join us for what is sure to be a stimulating discussion, please let us know by emailing or phoning the Centre (0207 621 1056). As usual (and thanks to the hospitality of Burges Salmon), there will be plenty of coffee, tea and buns.

Sincerely yours,
Andrew Hilton