Sustainable Finance for Breakfast (7)

Held on Thursday, March 8, 2018, 8.30-10.00am.

With support from Deloitte


  • Ben Caldecott (Smith School, Oxford)

  • Sean Kidney (Climate Bonds Initiative)

  • Sophie Robinson-Tillett (Responsible Investor)



In case anyone missed it (which I doubt), the big news since the last time we met is that the EC High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance has set out its recommendations, with an official EC action plan on sustainable finance due any time soon.

As usual, we are pleased to have Ben Caldecott, Director of the Sustainable Finance Programme at Oxford University’s Smith School, to walk us through what’s in it and what we might expect from the action plan (and plenty more besides).

Joining Ben, we are delighted to welcome Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative and a member of the EC HLEG – and also a member of the UK Green Finance Task Force and co-chair of the India Green Bonds Council. Alongside them will be Sophie Robinson-Tillett, a sustainable finance journalist and deputy editor of Responsible Investor.

This really is an opportunity to share, and to learn: knowledge about sustainable finance is not a zero-sum game. The more we all know, the better placed we all are.

If you would like to join us, please let Alex know by emailing or phoning the Centre (0207 621 1056). Coffee, tea and buns will be available courtesy of our friends at Deloitte.

Sincerely yours,
Andrew Hilton