Brussels for Breakfast (137)

Held on Tuesday, January 9, 2018


  • Graham Bishop

  • John Rega (MLex)



Twenty eighteen could be a make-or-break year for the EU. It begins with a raft of new legislation – MiFID 2, the GDPR, Open Banking, whatever. It will also almost certainly see a big push for “more Europe” – with President Macron leading the charge. There are also the finishing touches that need to be put to Banking Union and continuing (if slow) progress on CMU. And, of course, there’s the ominous rumble of ‘Brexit’, with (if pessimists are to be believed) an accelerating drift of business away from London…

As usual, our guide to all things European – our man in the loden coat – is Graham Bishop, proprietor of, a member of the European Movement’s ExComm and a Council Member of the Federal Trust. There are not many people in London who have Graham’s depth of knowledge about the intricacies of Brussels – or who have his dedication to the europãische ideal.

That said, we are also delighted that John Rega is able to join Graham this month, and to share his thoughts. He has been MLex’s chief financial services correspondent in Brussels since 2009. Before that, he worked for Bloomberg and viEUws, also in Brussels, going back to 2003 – when he came over to Europe from covering banking and tax policy on Capitol Hill.

If you (or a colleague) would like to join Graham and John, and perhaps share your own thoughts, please let us know by emailing or by calling the Centre on 0207 621 1056.As usual, coffee, tea and buns will be provided.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton