Sir Jon Cunliffe - A Young Economists' Dinner Discussion

Held on Tuesday, October 3.

With support from DLA Piper


  • Sir Jon Cunliffe (Bank of England)



Over the years, our Young Economists’ dining group (notionally limited to those of you lucky enough to be under 40) has had a wonderfully heterodox list of speakers – ranging from Nigel Farage and Nigel Lawson to Jon Moulton and Luke Johnson to Rachel Lomax and Lynne Rothschild to Martin Wolf and John Kay… you get the picture.

The format is always the same. Our guest lays out his or her world view (or, in the case of John Kay, his views on the pricing policy of the Edinburgh tram system), and everyone else chimes in.

This month, our keynote speaker is Sir Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor at the Bank of England for Financial Stability (a position once filled by another previous guest, Paul Tucker). He is also a member of the Bank’s Financial Policy and Monetary Policy Committees, the Court and the Prudential Regulation Committee, as well as a member of the FSB’s Steering Committee, the BIS’s Board and the ESRB. Oh, and before that, he was PermRep to the EU, adviser on Europe to the PM, ‘sherpa’ for the G8 and G20, and the Cabinet Office’s PermSec responsible for EU coordination.

In other words, a CV to die for – and one that could not be more relevant at a time when the City is facing challenges on all fronts and when central banks all over the world are almost getting ready to start thinking about the possibility of maybe unwinding their bloated balance sheets.

We are delighted that Sir Jon has agreed to share his thoughts with us (under the Chatham House rule) – and equally delighted that our friends at DLA Piper have agreed to host us. We are, however, a little more constrained for space than usual, so if you (or a colleague) would like to join us for what I am sure will be a challenging and stimulating evening, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing or by calling the Centre at 020 7621 1056. First come, first served.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton