FinTech for Breakfast

Held on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

With support from Dentons


  • Izabella Kaminska (FT Alphaville

  • David Galbraith (Anthemis)



The future of FinTech

ICOs, money laundering, tax sheltering and Switzerland…

…and yet more blockchain.

Pivoting challenger banks

Voice Banking & Banking Bots

Conflicted Advice?

P2P Lending & Consumer Credit Quality



For those of you still sunning yourselves in Sardinia or yachting in the Adriatic, we’ll be holding a catch-up session of our FinTech group at the start of September to cover most (or at least a big slice) of what’s been happening over the summer.

As ever, Izabella Kaminska of FT Alphaville will be in the driving seat, assuming she hasn’t gone to the dark side and launched her own coin offering. Joining her, we are pleased to welcome David Galbraith of Anthemis – serial entrepreneur, designer and now Partner at the FinTech-focused venture capital firm. 

We’ll be watching the news all summer, but as a flavour of what you may have already missed on your sunbeds:

  • the EBA is consulting (and potentially developing an Opinion) on FinTech regulation across the EU;
  • the ICO boom/bubble is to become a fundraising channel for private equity firms (at least in Singapore);
  • competition for AI programmers is ever more intense, with Hastings the latest to join the war for talent;
  • Tandem are trying to buy Harrods Bank; and
  • robo-advisers may be just as prone to conflicts of interest as their human predecessors.

If you (or a friend/colleague) would like to join us to share your own experiences, please let us know by calling 0207 621 1056 or emailing As usual, thanks to Dentons’s hospitality, there will be tea, coffee and buns.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Hilton