December 16, 2010
What’s wrong with “identity”? A round table discussion with Richard Hurley (CIFAS), Jonathan Williams (Experian) and Robin Wilton (Gartner)

December 15, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (62). A breakfast discussion of EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Huw Jones (Thomson Reuters).

December 8, 2010
Compensation and incentives in financial services. A round-table discussion with Stefan Heppelmann (SCCO), Deborah Hargreaves, Cliff Weight (MM&K and Randal Taje

December 7, 2010
UK financial regulation. A round-table discussion with Clifford Smout (Deloitte), Clive Briault, Peter Thal Larsen (Thomson Reuters) and Simon Gleeson (Clifford Chance).

December 1, 2010
The Global Outlook for Monetary Policy. A round-table discussion with Dr. Deanne Julius, Stephen Lewis (Monument Securities) and Danny Gabay (Fathom Consulting).

November 29, 2010
The Pensions Gap. A round-table discussion of the Aviva led study with Dr. David Webb and Edmund Downe (Aviva), Chris Curry (The Pensions Policy Institute), Andrew Curry (The Futures Company) and Paul Dunlop (Deloitte).

November 17, 2010
Do we need "speed bumps" for super-fast trading? A round-table discussion on HFT, with Martin Wheatley (Securities & Futures Commission, Hong Kong), Kee-Meng Tan (Knight Capital), Peter van Kleef (Lakeview Capital Market Services), and Hans Christian Reinhardt (Morgan Stanley).

November 16, 2010
The distressed debt market. A round-table discussion with Michael Holmberg (Neuberger Berman), Hermann-Josef Woltery (Strategic Value Partners), Conor Houlihan (Dillon Eustace), Matthias Volkmer (Fitch) and John Christiansen (Menelaus Analytics).

November 11, 2010
Reforming the banking system. A round-table discussion with Sam Woods (Independent Commission on Banking), Philip Augar, Sir David Scholey (UBS), Peter Hahn (Cass) and Sir Malcolm Williamson (National Australia Bank).

November 11, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (61). A breakfast discussion of EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com), Shamit Saggar (University of Sussex) and Conor Foley (Hume Brophy).

November 8, 2010
CSFI New York. Financial re-regulation – the transatlantic divide. A round-table discussion on regulatory convergence/divergence in the US and Europe with Charles Taylor (PEW), Barbara Matthews (BCM Intern ational Regulatory Analytics), Diana Taylor (Wolfensohn & Co), Chris Thompson (Accenture), Douglas Elliott (Brookings Institution) and John Heimann.

November 3, 2010
The Social Stock Exchange and the Big Society. A round-table discussion with Pradeep Jethi and Mark Campanale (the Social Stock Exchanges), Rodney Schwartz (ClearlySo), Jamie Hartzell (Ethical Property) and Mark Mansley (Rathbones).

November 2, 2010
Offshore financial centres. A round-table discussion with Mark Field, MP, David Harvey (Step), Richard Hay (Stikeman Elliott) and Richard Murphy (Tax Research LLP).

October 28, 2010
Evolutionary Psychology and the City. A round-table discussion with Michael Price and Nicholas Pound (Brunel).

October 27, 2010
Young(ish) economists group. A dinner discussion with Martin Wolf (Financial Times). Hosted by Accenture.

October 18, 2010
The Global Financial Centres Index. A round-table discussion of the most recent survey with Mark Yeandle and Michael Mainelli (Z/yen).

October 14, 2010
"The Gathering Storm”. A round-table discussion of the soon to be published book with Lee Robinson (Trafalgar Asset Management), Thomas Thygesen,(SEB), Stephen Lewis (Monument Securities), Andy Lees (UBS), Albert Edwards (Societe Generale) and Dylan Grice Societe Generale).

October 13, 2010
The Mortgage Market Review and the impact on the housing market. A round-table discussion with Michael Coogan (CML), Sheila Nicoll (FSA), Stephen Blackman (RBS) and Iain Laing ( Santander ).

October 13, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (60). A breakfast discussion of EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Ana Costillas (Weber Shandwick).

October 5, 2010
Defending public sector pensions. A round-table discussion with Mark Serwotka (PCS Union) and Glyn Jenkins (UNISON).

September 27, 2010
Public Sector Pensions. A round-table discussion with Peter Tompkins (Chair – Public Sector Pensions Commission), Neil Record (Record Currency Management), Con Keating (BrightonRock), Gary Delderfield (Eversheds) and Mark Serwotka (PCS).

September 23, 2010
Young people, savings and pensions. A round-table discussion with Robert Gardner (Redington), Wendy van den Hende (Pfeg), Philip Booth (Public Sector Pensions Commission), John Lawson (Standard Life) and James Gardner (DWP).

September 20, 2010
Not all financial regulation is global. A round-table discussion on the recent Bruegel policy paper, with Nicolas Véron and Stéphane Rottier.

September 15, 2010
How well does the media serve the public in its coverage of finance? A round-table discussion with Robert Peston (BBC), Sir Michael Bishop, Merryn Somerset Webb (MoneyWeek) and David Stevenson (Investor’s Chronicle, entrepreneur).

September 14, 2010
“Private Equity, Public Loss?” A round-table discussion on the recent CSFI report on private equity, with the author, Peter Morris, Jon Moulton (Better Capital), and Alan Mackay (Hermes GPE).

September 9, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (59). A breakfast discussion of EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and David Doyle (Brunswick Group).

September 8, 2010
New policy options for dealing with sovereign debt problems. A round table discussion on recent initiatives, with Benu Schneider (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs), David Lubin (Citigroup), Philip Wood (Allen & Overy), Richard Segal (Knight Libertas) and Lionel Price.

September 7, 2010
The City Property Market. A round-table discussion with Peter Bennett (City of London), Andrew Lowe (DTZ) and James Tuckey (Brookfield).

September 1, 2010
Young(ish) economists group. A dinner discussion with Chris Huhne, MP, Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change.

August 17, 2010
G20 work on global financial safety nets. A round-table discussion on prospects for Seoul, with Heenam Choi (Korean Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit), Creon Butler (HM Treasury), Martin Brooke (Bank of England) and Gerry Rawcliffe (Fitch Ratings).

July 15, 2010
Responsible investment in frontier markets. Citi/DfID Fellowship Programme. A round-table discussion with Rory Sullivan (Better Returns in a Better World/Oxfam), John Hess (Altius) and David Paterson (NAPF).

July 8, 2010
The Dutch experience of Twin Peaks. A round-table discussion with Jeroen Kremers (RBS), Dirk Schoenmaker (Duisenberg School of Finance), Tom Scholar (HM Treasury) and Michael Taylor.

July 5, 2010
Risk and reward: Tempering the pursuit of profit. A round-table discussion of an ACCA report with Paul Moxey (ACCA),Dr. Roger Barker (IoD), George Dallas (F&C) and Antony Elliott (Fair Banking).

July 1, 2010
Meeting of the CSFI’s Advisory Council. A round-table discussion on the CSFI work programme with John

June 30, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (58). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop and Ignazio Angeloni (ECB).

June 23, 2010
Investing in Social Enterprise : the role of tax incentives. A discussion of the CSFI report with the author, Vince Heaney, Katie Hill and Rodney Schwartz (ClearlySo).

June 16, 2010
“Systemic policy and financial stability: A framework for delivery”. A round-table discussion on a forthcoming CSFI report, with Sir Andrew Large and Alastair Clark (HM Treasury).

June 16, 2010
Basel III update. A round-table discussion with Michael Taylor and Steven Hall (KPMG).

June 15, 2010
Financial Transactions Taxes. Citi/DfID Fellowship Programme. A round-table discussion with Neil McCulloch (IDS), and Stephane Voisin (Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux) and Chris Wales (FTI Consulting) .

June 10, 2010
Struggling up the learning curve: Solvency II and the insurance industry. Generali Fellowship Programme. A discussion of the CSFI report with the author, Shirley Beglinger and Anthony Silverman (S&P).

May 27, 2010
A dinner discussion with John C. Dugan, Comptroller of the Currency

May 24, 2010
Comitology, Hijacking European power? A round-table discussion with the author, Daniel Guéguen.

May 20, 2010
“Flexible 40…” A dinner discussion for young(ish) City economists and analysts.

May 19, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (57). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop and Rosa Lastra (Queen Mary).

May 14, 2010
Responsible finance - regulating retail lending in emerging markets. Citi/DFID/CSFI Fellowship Programme. A round-table discussion with Gabriel Davel ( South Africa ’s National Credit Regulator), Stephen Mills (CRB Africa) Faisel Rahman(Fair Finance) and Andre Hattingh (VISA).

May 12, 2010
Three papers on too big to fail/living wills. A round-table discussion with the author Thomas Huertas (FSA) and Peter Vipond (ABI).

May 11, 2010
Reserve Currencies and World Trade – today and the future. A round-table discussion with Ian Hillier-Brook (Wocu), Michael Mainelli (Z/Yen), Ken Lillie (Lillie Associates), Ned Naylor-Leyland (Cheviot) and James Fierro (Recipco).

May 10, 2010
The Greek crisis and its wider economic implications. A round-table discussion with David Marsh (SCCO), Jacques Cailloux (RBS), David Mackie (JPMorgan), John Redwood MP and Danny Gabay (Fathom Consulting).

May 6, 2010
London’s competitiveness. A round-table discussion with Michael Mainelli (Z/Yen), Philip Augar and John Ingamells (CityUK).

May 5, 2010
Proposals for penal taxes on banks. A round-table discussion with Brooke Masters (FT), Peter Thal Larsen (Thomson Reuters), Matthew Barling (PwC) and Peter Vipond (ABI).

April 26, 2010
Breaking Up the Banks – have any bricks been removed from the “too big to fail” wall? A round-table discussion with John Kay and Hugo Dixon (Reuters Breakingviews).

April 22, 2010
The Crash of 2003: An EMU fairy tale revisited. A round-table discussion on where the CSFI got it right and wrong, with the author David Lascelles, Ruth Lea (Global Vision), Mats Persson (Open Europe) and Lord Haskins.

April 14, 2010
'Banking Banana Skins 2010'. A round-table discussion of the CSFI survey with David Lascelles, Thomas Huertas (FSA), Andrew Gray (PwC) and Charles Haswell (HSBC).

March 30, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (56). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop and David Doyle (Brunswick Group).

March 25, 2010
DfID/Citi/CSFI Fellowship. Trade finance. A round-table discussion with Peter Lilley, MP (Trade out of Poverty), Jackie Keogh (Standard Chartered) and Margrith Lütschg-Emmenegger (Fimbank).

March 16, 2010
A dinner discussion with James Wolfensohn.

March 16, 2010
Counter-cyclical regulation. A round-table discussion with Charles Goodhart (LSE), Ian Mackintosh (FRC), Jesus Saurina (Bank of Spain) and Mark Rhys (Deloitte) .

March 15, 2010
A dinner discussion with Andy Haldane (Bank of England).

March 8, 2010
Greece, the so-called PIGS, the eurozone and the mysteries of the universe. A round-table discussion on the Greek crisis with Vassilis Monastiriotis (LSE), Paul Mylonas (National Bank of Greece), Bryan Coulton (Fitch), David Mackie (JP Morgan), and Mats Persson (Open Europe).

March 4, 2010
Can payment technology help the poor? A round table discussion with Prateek Shrivastra (Monitise), Rachel Bale (VISA) and Paul Makin (Consult Hyperion).

March 1, 2010
The future of audit. A round-table discussion with John Hitchens (PWC), Jonathan Hayward (Independent Audit), Michael Powers (LSE) and Liz Murrall (IMA).

February 24, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (55). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop and Nicolas Veron (Bruegel).

February 22, 2010
Economic impact of raising bank capital requirements. A round-table discussion with Ray Barrell (NIESR), Andrew Smithers (Smithers & Co) and Duncan MacKinnon (FSA).

February 16, 2010
‘Crash Theory’. A round-table discussion with Chris Martenson.

February 11, 2010
Securing tomorrow’s payments. A round-table discussion with Sandra Alzetta (Visa), Francesco Burelli (Deloitte) and Conny Dorrestijn (Clear2Pay).

February 8, 2010
Conflicts of interest in the FX market. A round-table discussion with Neil Record (Record Currency Management), Ian Battye (Russell Investments).

February 4, 2010
Carbon trading and the EU. A round-table discussion with Sam Fankhauser (LSE), Abyd Karmali (BAML) and Guy Turner (New Energy Finance).

January 28, 2010
The future of risk modelling.
A round-table discussion with Patricia Jackson (Ernst & Young), Colin Lawrence (FSA), Riccardo Rebonato (RBS) and Robert Scanlon (Standard Chartered).

January 27, 2010
CSFI Advisory Council meeting. A round-table discussion on the CSFI work programme.

January 21, 2010
Citi/DFID/CSFI Fellowship Programme. Investment in Africa. A round-table discussion with Rod Evison (CDC).

January 20, 2010
Earth Observation: Exploiting the UK's environmental sciences asset bases. A dinner discussion with senior UK academic climatologists.

January 19, 2010
Brussels for Breakfast (54). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Georges S. Zavvos (EC).

January 19, 2010
“The Governance of Market Infrastructure Institutions”. A round-table discussion with the author, Ruben Lee.

January 18, 2010
“The Trouble with Markets – Saving Capitalism from Itself”. A round-table discussion with the author, Roger Bootle and Andrew Lilico (Policy Exchange).

January 14, 2010
Visa/CSFI Fellowship Programme. Securing tomorrow’s payments. A round-table discussion with Colin Whittaker (UK Cards Association), Nick Ogden (VoiceCommerce) and Angela Sasse (UCL).

January 12, 2010
Regulation in the OTC derivatives market. A round-table discussion with Jeremy Grant (FT), David Clark (WMBA), David Bailey (FSA) and Andrew Lamb (CME Group).