December 17, 2009
Brussels for Breakfast (53): A breakfast discussion meeting on EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Mark Hoban, MP.

December 11, 2009
Models of behavioural finance. A round-table discussion with Gulnur Muradoglu (Cass), Werner DeBondt (DePaul University), William Forbes (Loughborough University Business School), Jose Manuel Varas (Cabot Financial) and Chris Clack (UCL).

December 10, 2009
VISA/CSFI fellowship programme. The new regulatory environment for payments in Europe. A round-table discussion with Marc Temmerman (Visa Europe), Thaer Sabrie (Electronic Money Association) and William Long (Sidley & Austin).

December 7, 2009
Citi/DfID/CSFI fellowship programme. Innovative approaches to the promotion of savings. A round-table discussion with Bob Christen (Gates Foundation) and Jane Platt.

December 3, 2009
Future trends in equity research. A round-table discussion with Peter J. Elwin (Cazenove), William Russel-Smith (AQ Research) and Richard Kramer (Arete Research).

November 24, 2009
Brussels for Breakfast (52). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Robert Mcleod (Mlex Market Intelligence).

November 23, 2009
The social usefulness of derivatives. A round-table discussion with Anthony Belchambers (FOA), Paul Wilmott (Wilmott Associates) Richard Metcalfe (ISDA), Stewart Hodges (Cass Business School) and John Grout (ACT)

November18, 2009
Governing Council Meeting

November18, 2009
Microfinance Banana Skins: A round-table discussion with David Lascelles, Robert Annibale (Citigroup), Roy Pratt and Sandra Hamilton (Fitch Ratings).

November17, 2009
NERC and the City: A dinner discussion on the relevance of environmental research to the City.

November12, 2009
Quantitative Easing: A round-table with Steven Major (HSBC), Tim Congdon, Bob Giffords and David Oakley (Financial Times).

November10, 2009
Cisco virtual round-table, with Michael Foot (Promontory), Karel Lannoo (CEPS), and John Walsh (OCC).

November9, 2009
Fixing Regulation. A round-table discussion with the author Clive Briault, Richard Hobbs, Marcus Sephton (KPMG) and Jonathan Herbst (Norton Rose).

November5, 2009
Regulatory reform. A round-table with Doug Roeder and Delora Jee (OCC).

October 29, 2009
Non-bank sources of consumer credit: A round-table discussion with Stephen Sklaroff (FLA) and Nigel Cates (Office of Fair Trading).

October21, 2009
Securitisation A round-table discussion with Rick Watson (ESF), Lena Komileva, Peter Thal-Larsen (Reuters) and Dominic Swan (HSBC).

October15, 2009
The Credit Crunch Diaries: The financial crisis by those who made it happen. A book launch with the authors, Nick Carn and David Lascelles

October15, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (51): A breakfast discussion meeting on EU regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and George Parker (Financial Times).

October12, 2009
Hedge funds: a round-table discussion on the European Commissions directive on alternative investment fund managers, with Andrew Baker (AIMA), Michael Prest and Edward Hadas (BreakingViews) and Thomas Deinet (Hedge Fund Standards Board).

October5, 2009
Citi/DfID/CSFI fellowship programme. Credit and the emerging consumer: The developing world of African lending. A round-table discussion with Dave van Niekerk (Blue Financial Services), Mark Napier and Malcolm Harper.

September 30, 2009
Re-empowering the Bank of England? Ditching the FSA? Just how radical can regulatory reform be? A round-table discussion with Sir Martin Jacomb, Brian Scott-Quinn, Alistair Milne, and Steve Davis.

September 23, 2009
Twin Peaks Revisited. A round-table discussion on a new CSFI report, with the author, Michael Taylor, John Plender (Financial Times) and Michael Foot (Promontory Financial).

September 15, 2009
Dfid/Citi/CSFI cocktail partyFellowship launch.

September 15, 2009
Narrow Banking: the reform of banking regulation A round-table discussion on a new CSFI report, with the author, John Kay, Sir Ian Byatt and Hugo Dixon (Breakingviews.com).

September 15, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (50): A breakfast discussion meeting on EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and David Doyle ( Brunswick ).

September 14, 2009
Strategic challenges for the insurance industry: What might the future hold? A round-table discussion with Luca Gatti and Mel Carvill (Generali Group), John Coomber (Pension Insurance Corporation and Swiss Re) and Ian Beaton (Ark Underwriting)

September 1, 2009
Yoof: How young people relate to communications media, and how it might affect financial services

July 17, 2009
The road to long finance: A systems view of the credit scrunch. A round-table discussion with Michael Mainelli (Z/Yen) and Bob Giffords.

July 15, 2009
A dinner discussion with Prof. Charles Goodhart (LSE) & Prof. William Buiter (LSE).

July 13, 2009
Generali/CSFI Fellowship Programme. Credit, insurance and commerce: How do we get the show back on the road? A round table discussion with Iain Barbour (MBIA), Michael Ankers (Construction Products Association), Graham Kent and Simon Marshall (Co-Pilot).

June 30, 2009
Insurance Banana Skins: insurance and the financial crisis. A round-table discussion with Tony Brooke-Taylor (FSA), John Bromfield (PwC), Peter Vipond (ABI), and Shirley Beglinger.

June 23, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (49). A breakfast discussion meeting on EU regulatory issues, with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Filippo Giuffrida (ESL & Network Europe).

June 23, 2009
Public sector pensions: government spending heads for an iceberg. A round-table discussion with Ros Altmann, Philip Booth (IEA), and Mervyn Kohler (Help the Aged).

June 15, 2009
Comments on the Commissions proposals for implementation of the de Larosiere report. A round-table discussion with Angela Knight ( BBA ), Anthony Belchambers (FOA), Dick Saunders (IMA), David Bennett (APCIMS), and Peter Parker (FSA).

June 10, 2009
Creating profitable opportunities in emerging market banking. A round-table discussion with Mark Richards (Actis), Adrian Roe (M Cashback), Christopher Goss (IFC) and Paul Mee (Oliver Wyman).

June 9, 2009
Governing Council Dinner.

June 8, 2009
New City   What will the City of London look like when/if it emerges from the banking crisis? A round-table discussion with Philip Augar, Peter Hahn ( Cass Business School ), Simon Walker (BVCA) and David Yarrow (Clareville Capital).

June 3, 2009
Visa/CSFI Fellowship Programme. What does innovation mean to a business and what should it mean in the future. A round-table discussion with James Gardner (Group IT), Tobias Rooney (Innovaro) and Carsten Sorensen (LSE).

June 3, 2009
Fools Gold: how unrestrained greed corrupted a dream, shattered global markets and unleashed a catastrophe. A breakfast discussion with the author, Gillian Tett (Financial Times).

June 2, 2009
Alternative ways to finance business. A round-table discussion with Giles Andrews (ZOPA), James Fierro (Recipco) and Duncan Goldie-Scot (Mobile Microfinance).

June 1, 2009
A round-table discussion on company pension schemes, with Clive Fortes (Hymans Robertson), Joanne Segars (NAPF) and Barry Riley.

May 28, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (48) A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Huw Jones (Thomson Reuters).

May 21, 2009
Generali/CSFI Fellowship Programme. Global Financial Crisis: What does it mean and how do we respond? A round-table discussion with Mel Carvill (Generali), Alan Punter, Dane Douetil (Brit Insurance) and Henry Kus.

May 6, 2009
Bond market liquidity. A round-table discussion with David Clark (Belair Advisors), Chris Golden (EFFAS-EBC), David Rule (ISLA) and Peter Luthy (Banquo Credit Management).

April 29, 2009
A round-table discussion on PADA, with Tim Jones (PADA), Helen Dowsey (Aon), and Alan Pickering (BESTrustees).

April 28, 2009
The future of the dollar and the reserve asset question. A round-table discussion with Paul Donovan (UBS), Neil Record (Record Currency Management) and Vivan Sethi (Mandalay Capital).

April 27, 2009
Bankers pay: politics or performance? A round-table discussion on remuneration in the financial services sector. With Cliff Weight (MM&K), Mark Eban (SpencerStuart), Helen Thomas (Policy Exchange) and Jamie Whyte (Oliver Wyman FS).

April 23, 2009
VISA/CSFI Fellowship Programme. The role of both banks and non-banks in the European payments sector. A round-table discussion with Will Judge (TfL) and Nav Bains (GSM Association).

April 20, 2009
RUSI/CSFI. The impact of the financial/economic crisis on Central and Eastern Europe . A RUSI/CSFI round-table discussion with Martin McCauley (University College, London), Paul Dembinski (Observatoire de la finance), Nicolas Vron (Bruegel), Jeromin Zettelmeyer (EBRD), and Stefan Wagstyl (Financial Times).

April 8, 2009
Will China save us? A round-table on China s role as a global economic locomotive. With Gerard Lyons (Standard Chartered), Andrew Leung, and Peter Nolan ( University of Cambridge ).

April 7, 2009
Can sustainable energy survive the recession? A round-table discussion with Tom Burke (Rio Tinto), Jeremy Leggett (SolarCentury), Julian Morris ( Intern ational Policy Network) and Jorge Vasconcelos (New Energy Solutions).

March 31, 2009
Off-shore centreshigh and dry? A round-table on what off-shore financial centres still have to offer. With Geoff Cook ( Jersey Finance), Stephen Platt (BakerPlatt) and Vanessa Houlder (Financial Times).

March 30, 2009
VISA/CSFI Fellowship programme. Public or private money? The interrelationship between technological change, monetary policy and payments. A round-table discussion with Laurence White ( University of Missouri ), Leo Van Hove (Free University of Brussels), and David Boyle (New Economics Foundation).

March 23, 2009
Book launch: Grumpy Old Bankers: wisdom from crises past.

March 19, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (46) A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Wolfgang Munchau (FT / Eurointelligence).

March 17, 2009
The Larosire report: A round-table discussion on the recent report by the Larosire group into the future of European financial regulation, with Nicolas Vron (Bruegel), Malcolm Levitt, Gerard Hertig (ETH Zurich), Nick Collier (Morgan Stanley) and Bill Eldridge (Credit Suisse).

March 12, 2009
Dinner with John Kingman (at Ruffer).

March 10, 2009
Dinner with Sir Callum McCarthy (at Standard Chartered).

March 2, 2009
Visa/CSFI Fellowship programme. Paleo-future of payments. A round-table discussion with Tim Jones (PADA), Jon Prideaux (Secure Trading) and Tom Standage (The Economist).

February 26, 2009
Credit crunch litigation. A round-table discussion with Alexandra Carn and David Greene (Edwin Coe), Matthew Collings (Matrix Chambers) and Nick Carn (Odey Asset Management).

February  25, 2009
How to stop the recession. A round-table discussion with the author, Tim Congdon and David Miles (Morgan Stanley).

February  24, 2009
The Euro: The Politics of the New Global Currency. A round-table discussion with the author, David Marsh, Sir Kit McMahon, John Redwood MP and Denis MacShane MP.

February 18, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (45) A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Jacques Lafitte (Avisa).

February 17, 2009
RUSI/CSFI. The security aspects of the financial/credit crisis. A joint RUSI/CSFI round-table discussion, with Sir David Omand, Sir Adam Ridley (Equitas Trust), Bronwen Maddox (The Times), and John Plender (FT).

February 16, 2009
Private client wealth management and the crisis. A round-table discussion with Mark Powell (Rathbones), John Williamson (EFG Private Bank), John Reed (Arbuthnot Latham), Lupus Maltzahn (Accenture) and Michael Read (Williams de Broe).

February 12, 2009
A dinner discussion with Maurice Hank Greenberg.

February 10, 2009
Global, US and European proposals for financial stability: Coming together or growing apart? A round table discussion with Barbara Matthews (BCM International Regulatory Analytics), Peter Vipond (ABI), and Simon Hills (BBA).

February 9, 2009
The Tsunami of government bonds:  Will the bubble burst? A round-table discussion with Robert Stheeman (DMO), Meyrick Chapman (UBS), and Riccardo Barbieri (Bank of America).

February 5, 2009
Counter-cyclical capital requirements. A round-table discussion on alternative approaches to setting bank capital standards, including dynamic provisioning. With Sir John Gieve (Bank of England), Jesus Saurina (Banco de Espana) and Clifford Smout (Deloitte).

February 4, 2009
Advisory Council meeting, chaired by John Plender (FT)

January 28, 2009
Brussels for breakfast (44). A breakfast discussion on European regulatory issues with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com), and George Zavvos (EU Commission).

January 28, 2009
Out of the frying pan into the fire? The macroeconomic consequences of the financial crisis - and of efforts to resolve it. A (sort of) round-table discussion with Charles Goodhart (LSE), Tim Congdon, John Kay (FT) and Ray Barrell (NIESR).

January 22, 2009
VISA/CSFI fellowship. Payments in Europe . A round-table discussion with Paul Smee (APACS), John Chaplin (First Data International) and Charlie Nunn (McKinsey).

January 19, 2009
Rethinking UK financial regulation. A dinner discussion with Sir James Sassoon.

January 14, 2009
Congruence or conflict? The future of US and UK financial crime regulation. A round-table discussion with Eugene Ludwig and Michael Foot (Promontory Financial Group), Philip Robinson(FSA), Mike Trigg and David Howes (Standard Chartered Bank) and Keith McCarthy ( SFO).