December 18, 2003
Housing finance: A round-table discussion with David Miles (HM Treasury and Imperial College).

December 11, 2003
Sizing up the City: A round-table discussion on the competitiveness of London as a financial centre with James Sassoon (HM Treasury), Michael Foot (FSA), Duncan McKenzie (IFSL) and Sir David Walker (Morgan Stanley).

December 4, 2003
Spitzer and mutual funds: A round-table discussion with Roger Kubarych (HypoVereinsbank) and Dick Saunders (Investment Management Association).

December 4, 2003
European Constitution working group: A working group meeting on the Constitution's impact on the City.

December 3, 2003
Sir John Mogg: A round-table discussion on Sir John's time in Brussels.

December 1, 2003
Behavioural economics: A round-table discussion with Charles Roxburgh (McKinsey), Andrew Fleming (ABN Amro) and Daniel Read (London School of Economics).

November 27, 2003
Money-laundering: A round-table discussion with Toby Graham (TaylorWessing), Mark Tantam (Deloitte & Touche) and David Maxwell (APCIMS).

November 26, 2003
Regional stock exchanges: A round-table discussion with Mary Martin (Advantage West Midlands) and Chris Prior-Willeard (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

November 19, 2003
The financial services sector's planning for low inflation: A round-table discussion with Roger Bootle (Capital Economics) and William MacDougall.

November 18, 2003
US implementation of Basel 2: A round-table discussion with Kevin Bailey (OCC).

November 13, 2003
A new look at National Savings & Investments: A round-table discussion with Alan Cook (chief executive of NS&I).

November 12, 2003
The gambling industry and wholesale finance: A round-table discussion with Michael Mainelli (Z/Yen), Ashley Tatham (City Index), James Davies (Long Reach International) and Andrew Garrood (Cantor Index).

November 11, 2003
The European Constitution and the City: A round-table discussion with David Heathcoat-Amory MP, Chris Huhne MEP, Graham Bishop (GrahamBishop.com) and Bernard Connolly.

November 3, 2003
Held in New York
New York CSFI inaugural round-table on Banking Banana Skins 2003: A round-table discussion on the CSFI's latest banana skins survey with David Lascelles.

October 23, 2003
Effective dispute resolution: A round-table discussion with Marie-Anne Bastin (Debacker Bastin), Barry Mortimer (City Dispute Panel) and The Rt. Hon. Sir Philip Otton.

October 8, 2003
CP 185: A round-table discussion with Timothy Spangler (Berwin Leighton Paisner) and Julie Patterson (Investment Management Association).

October 6, 2003
"Credit insurance in Europe - impact, measurement & policy recommendations": A round table discussion on the recent CEPS report with the author Amparo San José (CEPS) and Susan Ross (Aon).

September 30, 2003
The Treasury's euro preparations: A round-table discussion with Hilary Thompson (HM Treasury).

September 29, 2003
Financial/investor education: A round-table discussion with Diane Hay (ProShare), Marie Calnan (FSA), Craig Pickering (Money On-line Education) and Oonagh McDonald.

September 23, 2003
Retail banking Part 2: Branch banking: A round-table discussion with Natasha Miller (Accenture), Peter Richards (BT) and Phil Middleton (Ernst & Young).

September 22, 2003
Retail banking Part 1: Telephone banking: A round-table discussion with Simon Walker (KPMG), Tony Gandy (TPS Knowledge) and Matthew Higgins (firstdirect).

September 16 ,2003
The Lambert review: A round-table discussion on relations between universities and business with Richard Lambert (Monetary Policy Committee).

September 15, 2003
The European Commission's Forum Group on financial analysts: A round-table discussion with Ian Mackintosh (chairman of the Forum Group) and Simon Jowers (European Commission).

July 22, 2003
Global credit derivatives: Risk management or risk? A round-table discussion on the recent report by Fitch Ratings with Ian Linnell and Matthew Cottrell.

July 21, 2003
The issue of trustee exemption and its potential impact on the City: A round-table discussion with Stuart Bridge (Law Commission), Armel Cates (Clifford Chance), Hilary Lord (Linklaters), Stephen Norton (The Law Debenture Trust Corporation/The Association of  Corporate Trustees) and Paul Wilden (Bank of New York/The International Paying Agents Association).

June 30, 2003
Management audit: What is it? Why do it?: A round-table discussion with Donald Brydon (AXA Investment Managers), John Viney (Zygos Partnership), David Kidd (Egon Zehnder) and  Bill Acker (Acker Deboeck).

June 23, 2003
CP176 - A CSFI working group on bundled brokerage and soft commission arrangements.

June 19, 2003
The global FX industry: coping with consolidation: A round-table discussion of the recent CSFI report with Christopher Swann (Financial Times) and Mark Robson (Reuters).

June 10, 2003
The cusp of a revolution?: A round-table discussion on the potential of off-shoring with Chris Gentle and Andrew Power (Deloitte Consulting).

June 5, 2003
"The economics of the proposed European Takeover Directive": A joint round-table discussion on the recent CEPS research report with one of the authors, Joseph McCahery (University of Tilburg) and John Plender (Financial Times).

May 22, 2003
"Assessing the ISD review": A joint round-table on the recent CEPS task force report with the author, Mattias Levin (CEPS) and Adam Kinsley (London Stock Exchange).

May 21, 2003
"'Basel lite': recommendations for the European implementation of the new Basel accord": A round-table discussion with on the recent CSFI report with the author, Alistair Milne (Cass Business School).

May 20, 2003
Current developments in the treatment of operational risk: A round-table discussion with Charles Taylor (Risk Management Association) and Jonathan Howitt (Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein).

May 15, 2003
The Higgs report and corporate governance: A round-table discussion with Derek Higgs and Digby Jones (CBI).

May 14, 2003
Bust to boom? eFinance does work: A round-table discussion with Conny Dorrestijn (SHIRAZ Partners), Michel Akkermans (Clear2Pay) and Andrew Power (Deloitte Consulting).

May 6, 2003
Valuation of intangibles: A round-table discussion with Paul Omerod (Synchroni), Richard Mallett (CIMA) and Tim Hoad (IntangAbility, DTI).

April 30, 2003
"Thinking not ticking": A round-table discussion of the forthcoming CSFI report with the author Jonathan Hayward.

April 24, 2003
The future of the equity culture in Germany: A round-table discussion with Rudiger von Rosen (Deutsche Aktieninstitut).

April 14, 2003
Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism: A round-table discussion with Jimmy Gurule, until recently the US Treasury’s under secretary for Enforcement  and currently law professor at Notre Dame.

April 4, 2003
"Global Development Finance 2003: Striving for Stability in Development Finance": A round-table discussion on the forthcoming World Bank report with the authors.

April 1, 2003 
A tour d'horizon of clearing and settlement: A round-table discussion with Pen Kent and Arun Aggarwal (London Clearing House).

March 26, 2003
The role of ratings agencies: A round-table discussion with Andrew Fight the author of "The ratings game".

March 14, 2003
An overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A round-table discussion with Barbara Jones (Kirkland & Ellis) and Jon Rowden (PwC).

March 11, 2003 
"The impact on the City of UK eurozone membership": A round-table discussion on the recent Corporation of London paper with one of the authors, Professor Alec Chrystal (Cass Business School, City University).

February 11, 2003
German banking: A round-table discussion with Elvira Scheben (Bundesbank), David Marsh (Droege), and Holger Schmieding (Bank of America).

February 6, 2003
"Creating the single European market for financial services": A round-table discussion on the recent paper with Sir Nigel Wicks (CrestCo/Euroclear) and Malcolm Levitt (IBM).

January 31, 2003
Volcker's world view: A round-table discussion with Paul Volcker.

January 21, 2003
Financial Services Practitioner Panel: A round-table discussion with Donald Brydon (AXA Investment Managers), chairman of the Panel.

January 13, 2003
OECD - focus on tax issues: A round-table discussion with Jeffrey Owen, head of the OECD's  Centre for Tax Policy and Administration.

January 8, 2003
High tech crime:  A round-table discussion with Tony Neate, Industry Liaison for the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU).