December 9, 2002
"Who speaks for the City? Trade associations galore":  A round-table discussion on the recent CSFI report with the authors David Lascelles, and Mark Boleat.

December 10, 2002
"A New General Approach to capital adequacy: A simple and comprehensive alternative to Basel 2" A round-table discussion on the recent CSFI report with the author Charles Taylor.

December 2, 2002
"Capitalism without owners will fail". A round-table discussion on the recent CSFI report with the authors Robert Monks and Allen Sykes.

November 27, 2002
The economic implications of a renewed crisis in Iraq: A round-table discussion with Robert Mabro (Oxford Energy Research Institute), Dominic Simpson (Kroll Associates), and Ala’a Al-Yousuf (Standard & Poors).

November 21, 2002
The EMAC committee: A round-table discussion with Ruben Lee (Oxford Finance Group), Fields Wicker Miurin (Leaders Quest) and  Philip Molyneux (University of Wales, Bangor).

November 6, 2002
Financial Exclusion: A round-table discussion with Graham Halliday (Post Office), Marion Poole (Association of Friendly Societies), and Shaun Spiers (ABCUL).

November 5, 2002
“Whatever Lula wants…” The implications of the recent Presidential elections for Brazil (and its creditors): A rapid-response round-table discussion with Victor Bulmer-Thomas (Chatham House), Richard Lapper (Financial Times), Amalia Estenssoro (BBVA), and Mahrukh Doctor (Centre for Brazilian Studies, Oxford).  

October 31, 2002
The future of financial advice in a post-polarisation marketplace: A round-table discussion on this CP121 report with the author Stuart Fowler.  

October 30, 2002
Performance persistence in UK equity funds: A round-table discussion with Tim Giles, Tim Wilsdon and Timothy Worboys (all from Charles River Associates).

October 28, 2002
Mass affluent banking: A round-table discussion with Graham Bentley (Selestia) and Andy Maguire (Boston Consulting Group). 

October 24, 2002
Challenges for UK regulation: A round-table discussion with Rolf Atler (OECD)

October 15, 2002 
The Consumer Credit Act: A round-table with Jonathan Rees (DTI), Martin Hall (Finance and Leasing Association), Penny Boys (Office of Fair Trading) Eva Lomnicka (King's College London) and Teresa Perchard (National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux).

October 7, 2002 
Joint money-laundering steering group: A round-table with Ian Mullen (British Bankers' Association).

October 4, 2002
Prospectus Directive: A round-table discussion with Lachlan Burn (Linklaters), Kevin Desmond (PwC) and Tom Troubridge (PwC)

October 1, 2002
Current issues in housing finance: A round-table discussion with Mike Coogan (CML), John Wriglesworth (Wriglesworth Consultancy) and Phil Jenks (Halifax).

September 18, 2002
The Financial Services Consumer Panel: A round-table discussion with Colin Brown (Chairman, Financial Services Consumer Panel).

September 5, 2002 
The independence of analysis: A round-table with Roger Bootle (Capital Economics), John Plender (Financial Times) and Nick Antill (BG Training, and former City analyst).

July 24, 2002
Basel Lite: A round-table discussion with Alistair Milne (City University Business School).

July 16, 2002
Impact of the FSA’s proposals on polarisation for the retail financial services sector in the UK: A CSFI working group (supported by Accenture) with Stuart Fowler

July 15, 2002
Dealing with economic crime: A round-table discussion with Richard Pratt, director-general of the Jersey Financial Services Commission

July 2, 2002
Exchange Trade Funds: A round-table with Rainer Reiss (Deutsche Börse), Manooj Mistry (Merrill Lynch), Lee Hodgkinson (virt-X)Rick Lacaille (State Street), Deborah Furh (Mogan Stanley), and Chris Broad (LSE)

June 27, 2002
Impact of the FSA’s proposals on polarisation for the retail financial services sector in the UK: A CSFI working group (supported by Accenture) with Stuart Fowler

June 26, 2002
Basel 2 and the wider agenda: A transatlantic perspective: A CSFI round table disscussion with Erik Musch (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and Ray Soifer (Soifer Consulting)

June 19, 2002
Basel Lite: A working-group meeting on slimming down Basel 2, with Alistair Milne. 

June 13, 2002
Operational risk: A round-table discussion with Chris Sutton (Logica) and Michael Zehetmayr (Logica)

June 12, 2002
FIWG Payments Group: A round-table discussion with Charles Goldfinger (FIWG)

June 11, 2002
Impact of the FSA’s proposals on polarisation for the retail financial services sector in the UK: A CSFI working group (supported by Accenture) with Stuart Fowler

May 27, 2002
Watch South Asia: A round-table discussion on the Indo-Pak crisis, with Victoria Schofield (author on Kashmir), Thomas Withington (Centre for Defence Studies, King's College London) and Alexander Evans (CSFI, and South Asia specialist).

May 27, 2002
The Annuity Problem:  A round-table discussion on retirement provision, with Sheila McKechnie(Consumers' Association) and Oonagh McDonald.

May 23, 2002
Quant & the City: A round-table discussion with Ester Wilkinson (EPSRC), Tim Sheldon (Institute of Actuaries), David Hand (Imperial College), Con Keating (Financial Development Centre), and Thymus Carolides (Alektor Investment Management).

May 21, 2002
Pickering Report: A round-table discussion with Lucius Cary (Seed Capital), Craig Pickering (FLA), and David Beer (Beer & Partners).

May 20, 2002
Banking banana skins: A round-table discussion with David Lascelles (CSFI), David Green (FSA), John Hitchins (PwC) and Michael Green (Lloyds TSB).

May 9, 2002
Granularity: A round-table discussion with Kathleen Tyson Quah (Granularity) and Rudi Bogni (Chairman of Medinvest).

May 1, 2002
The current environment for microfinance: A round-table discussion with Sam Daley-Harris (Director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign).

May 1, 2002
The death of equity culture: A round-table on the implications of FRS17, with Sir John Craven (Lonmin), John Ralfe (Boots), Graham Bishop (Grahambishop.com), and Alan Martin (PwC).

April 23, 2002
The impact of the Internet on European securities markets: A round-table discussion with Charles Goldfinger (GEF).

April 22, 2002
Trading risk: A round-table dicussion with Michael Hyman (Global Financial Risk Solutions).

April 10, 2002
Information security: A joint CSFI/RAND Europe round-table discussion with support from the DTI/Foresight programme.

April 9, 2002
The Paypal model: A round-table discussion with Jack Selby (senior vice president of corporate development).

April 8, 2002
Impact of European pensions reform: A round-table discussion with Graham Bishop (grahambishop.com) and Alan Pickering (Watson Wyatt).

April 4, 2002
Lateral thinking on risk: A round-table discussion with Professor Brian Toft (Marsh Risk Consulting).

March 12, 2002
The future of pensions: A round-table with Frank Field MP, Mark Hayes-Newington (The Research Company) and Richard Surface (Oliver Wyman & Co).

March 8, 2002
GATS/Trade in Services: A round-table with Christopher Roberts (IFSL), Malcolm McKinnon (DTI), Pierre Sauve (OECD) and Rachel Thompson (APCO).

February 28, 2002
A round-table on achieving a single market in financial services in Europe with with Dr. Mathias Jopp (IEP) and Dr. Friedrich Heineinann (ZEW, Mannheim). 

February 25, 2002
Single stock futures: A round-table on single stock futures (linked to a CSFI publication on the same) with David Lascelles (CSFI), Eugenio Namor (BCI), Juan Pablo Jimeno (BBVA) and Francois Pham-Quang (Lehman Bros)..

February 18, 2002
The OECD's e-commerce policy: A round-table with John Dryden (OECD).

February 14, 2002
Security implications for the financial sector of developments on information and communications technology: A round-table with Andrew Rathmell (RAND Europe) and Colin Whittaker (APACS), Robin Bloomfield (City University) and Derek Flynn (DTI).

February 13, 2002
Banking for the mass affluent?  A round-table with Justin Urquhart Stewart (7IM) and others.

February 11, 2002
Basel 2: A round-table with Dennis Ischenko (SMSB).

February 7, 2002
UNCTAD’s Investment Contract Aid Facility: A round-table with Karl Sauvant (UNCTAD, Geneva), David Suratgar (BMCE Bank) and Roland Brown (Transborder Investment Advisory Services). 

February 6, 2002
The future of Virt-x: A round-table with Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter (Virt-x).

February 5, 2002
Genetic Testing and Insurance: A round-table with Patrick Mahon (ABI), Sandy Raeburn (University of Nottingham), and Mick McAteer (Consumers' Association).

February 4, 2002
The effect of commission-based remuneration on financial advice: A round-table with Robert Laslett and Tim Wilsdon (Charles River Associates) and Paul Smee (Association of Independent Financial Advisers).

January 30, 2002
The future of savings in Europe: A round-table with Chris Gentle and Andrew Power (Delotte Consulting).  

January 24, 2002
Online reinsurance: A round-table with Alex Letts (RI3K).

January 14, 2002
Sovereign Debt Workout: A round-table with Ann Pettifor (Jubilee Plus), Yilmaz Akyuz (UNCTAD) and Kunibert Raffer (University of Vienna).