December 6, 2001
The European clearing and settlement oligopoly: A round-table with Tim Jones (Perseus).

December 4, 2001
The Abbey National/Costa Coffee deal: A round-table on reforming retail banking branches, with Ambrose McGinn (Abbey National) and Derek French(Campaign for Community Banking). 

November 29, 2001
The future of ATMs: A round-table with John Hardy and Scott Housley (LINK).

November 22, 2001
Are we on the verge of another Latin American Debt Crisis? A round-table discussion with Victor Bulmer-Thomas (Chatham House), Peter West(BBVA), Richard Lapper (Financial Times) and Selina Elwell (CSFB).

November 19, 2001
Disaster recovery and business continuity: A round-table discussion with Ian Orr (Deutsche Bank), Adrian Jenkins and Julian Buck (Guardian IT). 

November 2, 2001
Islam and finance: A round-table with Iqbal Khan (HSBC) and Iqbal Asaria (Muslim Council of Britain).

November 1, 2001
International outsourcing for banks: A round-table with Sid Khanna (Accenture).

October 31, 2001
How accountable is the FSA?  A round-table with David Lascelles (CSFI), Sir Adam Ridley (LIBA), Mick McAteer (Consumer's Association) and Clive Briault (FSA).

October 30, 2001
How can we bring scientists, technologists and the City together? A round-table with Peter Reid (London Technology Network) and others. 

October 24, 2001
Corporate social responsibility: A round-table with Martin Wolf (FT), Jonathan Barber (SERM), Peter Montagnon (ABI) and others.

October 16, 2001
The future of National Savings: A round-table with Peter Bareau (ceo, National Savings) & Gill Cattanach (National Savings), Teresa Fritz (Which?), and Margaret Hughes (The Guardian). 

October 4, 2001
Taxing the Internet: A round-table with Richard Baron (IoD) and Simon Davies (LSE).

October 2, 2001
Financing high-tech start-ups: A round-table with Bernard Hallewell (National Business Angels Network), Jonathan Church (VCR), James Stoddart (Bamboo Investments) and Lucius Cary (Oxford Technology VCT).

September 27, 2001
Joint SUERF/CSFI meeting on Basel.   Speakers at this half-day event include Michael Foot (FSA), Charles Goodhart (LSE), Charles Freeland (BIS), Colin Mayer (Said Business School), and Oliver Page (FSA).

September 26, 2001
Is there space for privacy on the web? A round-table with Dan Greer (@stake) and Sue Sjuve (Woowich).

September 25, 2001
Implications of the New York catastrophe for the UK financial sector: an informal discussion. A note on the discussion is available here.

September 24, 2001
What are the real costs of investment banking - and can they be cut? A round-table with Jeremy Smith (z-yen), Mark Bradbury (SOCX), and David Potter.

September 13, 2001
Promoting Codes and Standards after the Asian crisis: A round-table with George Vojta.

September 12, 2001
The work of the Banking Services Consumer Codes Review Group: A round-table with DeAnn Julius.

September 10, 2001
Implementing Basel II A round-table with Victoria Saporta (Bank of England), Brandon Davies (Barclays), Chris Hutchison (Lloyds TSB) and Barrie Jackson (PA Consulting).

September 6, 2001
A super-regulator for Germany?   A round-table with Martin Hellwig (Mannheim), Elvira Scheben (Bundesbank representative in London), and Peter Scherer (Clifford Chance).

September 5, 2001
The euro and European bond markets: A round-table with Chris Golden & Graham Bishop (GrahamBishop.com).

September 4, 2001
The work of the European Securities Forum: A round-table with Pen Kent (ESF)

July 25, 2001
The practical implications of the Euro-changeover: A round-table with Jon Carr (Bank of England), William Mason (BBA), and Yael Zamir (British Retail Consortium).

July 24, 2001
Basel and developing countries: A round-table with Stephany Griffith-Jones and Stephen Spratt (Institute of Development Studies). 

July 18, 2001
Basel and Bonds:  A round-table with Julian Franks (London Business School), Colin Mayer (Oxford), Shirley Beglinger (SwissRe), and Angela Knight (APCIMS).

July 17, 2001
Unlimited Internet Access: A round-table with Matt Peacock (AOL) and William Poel (Enfocast). 

July 11, 2001
The financial impact of HIV/AIDS: A round-table with Jeff Lewis (World Bank).

July 12, 2001
3G - can it make money?  A round-table with Nigel Allinson (UMIST), Alan Cane (FT) and John Black (IBM).

June 27, 2001
Asian Markets. A round-table with John Hewson (former leader of the Australian Liberal Party).

June 21, 2001
Telecoms regulation: A round-table on the situation in the UK with David Edmonds (Oftel).

June 18, 2001
Nordea – successful Internet banking? A round-table with Bo Harald (Nordea).

June 6, 2001
International accounting standards: A round-table with Sir David Tweedie (International Accounting Standards Committee).

May 31, 2001
International financial architecture issues: A round-table with Sir Brian Unwin (formerly with the European Investment Bank), David Peretz (advisor to the World Bank), Angela Wood (Bretton Woods Committee), Andrew Cornford (UNCTAD), Charles Frank (EBRD). and Benu Schneider (ODI).

May 23, 2001
A tour d’horizon of the EU’s Financial Services Action Plan: A joint CSFI/CEPS round-table with Chris Huhne (LibDem MEP), Patrick Pearson (Internal Market Directorate) and Karel Lannoo (CEPS).

May 21, 2001
Finance for growth: Policy choices in a volatile world.A round-table discussion with the author on the important new World Bank report.

May 17, 2001
The future of payment systems: A round-table with Roger Bootle (Capital Economics).

May 15, 2001
M-commerce payments: A round-table on m-commerce payment systems with Aran Dalnoki (Paybox).

May 14, 2001
How independent are City analysts?: A round-table with Paul Myners (Gartmore), Rik Kranenberg (S&P), Roger Bootle (Capital Economics) and John Plender (FT).

May 8, 2001
The independence of financial journalists: A round-table discussion with Alex Brummer (Daily Mail), Christopher Fildes (Daily Telegraph/Spectator),George Graham and John Plender (Financial Times), Anthony Hilton (Evening Standard) and Robert Pinker (PCC). 

April 18, 2001
Does the UK have enough techies for the e-future – and (if not) should we ship ‘em in? A CSFI round-table with Tim Conway (CSSA) and David Walker (The Guardian). 

April 10, 2001
Paperless trading: the obstacles ahead: A CSFI round-table with Huw van Steenis (J P Morgan) and Paul Symons (CrestCo).

March 29, 2001
The future of mandatory annuities in UK Pension provision: A round-table with Peter Lilley MP and Oonagh McDonald.

March 8, 2001
The Treasury’s consultative paper on payment systems: A round-table with William Lea (HM Treasury) and Mike Hawkins (MasterCard UK).

March 1, 2001
Revisions to the Basel capital regime: A joint Group of 30/CSFI round-table on the latest revisions to the Basel accord, with Daniéle Nouy (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision).

February 15, 2001
Financial aggregators with John Casson (Yodlee.com).

February 14, 2001
Secure internet bearer bonds: A round-table discussion with Bob Hettinga (IBUC) on prospects for developing secure bearer instruments that can be traded over the Internet.

February 13, 2001
The limits to VaR: A round-table discussion with Jon Danielsson (LSE).

February 12, 2001
The changing face of financial crime: A round-table discussion with Jules Kroll (Kroll Associates).

February 8, 2001
The brave new world of E M&A: A round-table discussion on M&A in the European new economy, with David Dinkin (Accenture) and Ray Soudah (MilleniumAssociates).

January 25, 2001
The future of equity release mechanisms: A round-table discussion on a new report, under the auspices of an Institute of Actuaries steering group, chaired by Desmond LeGrys. With Des LeGrys and other steering group members. 

January 24, 2001
Prospects for the Post Office’s "Universal Bank": A round-table discussion with Basil Larkins.

January 17, 2001
The future of European stock markets: a round-table discussion with Rüdiger von Rosen, Stewart Fleming (Evening Standard) and David Marsh (Hawkpoint Partners). 

January 15, 2001
A single financial regulator for the single EU market? A round-table on the Lamfalussy Report with Sir Nigel Wicks and Clive Briault.